Ollin Mexica

Ollin Mexica

mexico, Ecatepec, Mexico

About Ollin Mexica

Ollin is the movement that passes through all bodies which live, dream and think, that is also called " tonal ", it represents the energy that the shaman borrows.
It is a word of one of the most ancient cultures of the world. One of the most important also in Mexico.

The Culture Nahuatl and the richness of its language is a source of many others.

We present the art of obsidian sculpture in the mexican traditional art , gemstone after the volcanic lava

* Art Aztec : sculptures in fine stone obsidian from Mexico, Zen decoration, massage stones and jewelry. Woodcut 3D symbolism and sacred art

And photography of the white planetary mirror


Resident in the Mailla Galery, in France, Burgundy, for the photography