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Buddha sculpture obsidian black stone fine volcanic Mexico 11.8i., buddha statue Siddharta Gautama black gemstone


Size: 11.8 H x 3.9 W x 3.9 in

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Art Description

Sculpture: Stone, Engraving and Lithograph on Stone.

The Buddha statue carved in black obsidian measures 11.8 inches high with the hexagonal base.
This Buddha sculpture in black obsidian is a piece of art,

The Buddha - Siddhartha Gautama

Obsidian is a natural glass, it is produced during a release of silica-rich lava containing very little water (- 3%). At the time
from its exit of the volcano, it undergoes a very fast cooling which freezes the mechanisms of crystallization. "It's like a piece of lava frozen when it came out of the volcano.Lean Buddha carved in black obsidian, fine volcanic stone from Mexico.Gemma, black semiprecious stone, fine volcanic stone from Mexico.

Our obsidians are worked from generation to generation by a talented family, directly on the site of the major temples of Teotihuacan in Mexico. They are the result of volcanic creation and benefit from the strong telluric energies of the site of the pyramids.

History of obsidian in Mexico:
Obsidian is one of the most important stones for Nahuatl and Toltec pre-Hispanic cultures, representing people from the North, the wisdom of knowledge and the reflection of the soul.

Properties of obsidian:
* purification, protection, release *

In France, obsidian is best known for its protective virtues. Liberator and purifier, she acts like a mirror, chasing negative energies.

Obsidian helps to release pain and tension.

On the other hand, we know less that obsidian is a healing stone that releases emotional blocks. Obidian is the result of the vitrification of molten lava and represents the perfect balance between yin and yang. Obsidian is a stone of truth [acts as a kind of mirror]. A personal preparation is necessary to wear an obsidian, because it releases deep things, where one needs to advance.

Obsidian is particularly powerful. Black, in the West, is associated with mourning, anxiety, and malaise. In Mexico, black is the color of knowledge and wisdom, of true birth and the highest degree of consciousness. Solidly connected to Mother Earth, obsidian sharpens our vision and drives away our illusions. It promotes positive thoughts.

Energy of obsidian: Projective

Planet associated with Obsidian: Saturn

Element: Fire

Deity associated with obsidian: Tezcatlipoca (Aztec, "Mirror of the Night, Smoking Mirror")

Powers of Obsidian: Protection, Elevation Growth, Divination, Peace

More information on obsidian and our sculptures-obsidian and Mexican jade-art on www.ollinmexica-obsidienne.com

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Subjects: Classical mythology

Styles: Fine Art

Mediums: Stone, Engraving, Lithograph

Materials: Stone

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