Peter P Neuhaus

Peter P Neuhaus

Menden (Sauerland), NRW, Germany

About Peter P Neuhaus

Peter P. Neuhaus is a graphic designer, drawer and writer from Germany. His work is inspired by typography, poems, caricature, satire—and the work of the „Neue Frankfurter Schule“.

Since 1990 Peter P. Neuhaus visits the yearly drawing class „Graphisches Trainigslager“ in Rendsburg/Germany, founded by F.W. Bernstein. He submitted work für several exhibitions of ironic/satirical drawings.

His writing is published e.g. on the satirical page „die wahrheit“ (the truth) on „taz - die tageszeitung“.

His drawing work is like jazz. The theme is the human face. With paper and ink, with nib and brush, he improvises on it. Again and again and again and …