Babalon Fish Bait Drawing by Faustus Crow

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Art Description

Drawing: Pencil, Ink on Paper.

The Thirtieth Succubus Archetype of the Fallen Anima is Forneus. She is a Mighty and Great Marchioness.

She manifests as a Hokusai vision in the Form of Babalon being consumed as R'lyeh fish bait by a Great Beast erupting forth from the astral ocean.

She teaches, and makes the conjuring Surrealist Artist wonderfully knowing in the Art of 'explosively charged' Rhetoric.

She causes the conjuring Surrealist Artist to have a Good Name, and to have the knowledge and understanding of Necronomicon tongues.

She makes the conjuring Surrealist Artist to be beloved of his/her Foes as well as of his/her Friends.

She governs over 29 Legions of Ama-Diver Succubi Art Muses, who is partly of the Hentai Order of Manga, and partly of Anime.

Her Seal is to be meditated upon before conjuring her as an Art Muse into a watery lucid dream.

Notes: The A4 size Pop Surrealist Artwork was commissioned by

The abstract symbol/seal of Forneus seen in the Artwork is derived from the medieval grimoire, entitled the Goetia.

The classical grimoire description of Forneus originally described an Incubus archetype of the deified Animus made as a God/Devil.

The classical image and description has been modernised as well as reversed towards that of an archetype of the Fallen Anima.




Babalon Fish Bait

Faustus Crow


Size: 5700 W x 7200 H x 0.1 in

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