Frankenstein Creates Tulpa Woman Drawing by Faustus Crow

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Art Description

Drawing: Pencil on Paper.

The inventor Nikola Tesla is very similar in many respects to the fictional character of the mad scientist Doctor Frankenstein, since Tesla was a mage of electricity who had captured the power of lightning bolt.

Whereupon Tesla's coil is often utilised in many a Frankenstein movie animating corpses, although in reality, Tesla's genius ushered in the science of robotics.

You could then envisage Tesla as being like Doctor Frankenstein, who likened to a sculptor, he sculpts a Golem out of mud to give life unto; that or seeing him as a Palaeolithic shaman sculpting a Venus figurine out of wood, which of quintessential feminine form symbolises his proto-Hugh Hefner 'Anima' desire.

Such a Playboy icon of a Venus figurine would of course require Tesla's electrifying emotion to give life to her still lifeless corpse of sculpted clay, or that of wood, who will then manifest within his dreams as an interactive mind-doll Lilith Tulpa of lucid dream sorcery.

It just so happens that Tesla's surname, may allude to a tool for woodworking, which might have been an occupational title.

Then again Tesla's surname may have originally been derived from the book of Genesis, wherein one finds the Hebrew word 'Tzela' or 'Tsela,' whose term refers to the rib bone of Adam, from which the Venus figurine of Eve was sculpted.

However a Biblical scholar has put forth an argument that Eve was in fact made from Adam’s penis, not that of his rib; wherefore Eve was created from Adam's electrifying erotic desires.

The Biblical scholar and Professor, Ziony Zevit of the American Jewish University in Maryland has suggested that Eve was made from Adam’s ‘baculum’ or penis bone, which of rabbinical logic is why man does not have a phallic bone, until experiencing a boner, around a Venus in furs.

Professor Zevit, explained that the Hebrew word ‘Tsela’, doesn’t actually translate as 'rib,’ which instead is referring to those erect limbs sticking out sideways from an upright human body.

Hence Eve’s surprising origin from Adam’s erection, which of course requires consummate visualisation skills of an Artist as well as a Playboy focus of a sculpted icon.

The word 'Tzela’ or ‘Tsela’ is used in several differing ways within the Old Testament, which Professor Zevit claims have invariably been confused by the numerous translators down the ages, who have quite forgotten all those Palaeolithic Venus figurines.

Zevitt claims that Tzela refers to any protruding part of the human anatomy, including feet, arms and penis. Zevit to have said, ‘'Of these appendages, the only one lacking a bone is the penis.’

Zevitt's scholarly peers of Biblical symbolism are of course less convinced, with some to point out that the word ‘Tzela’ means rib in post-Biblical Hebrew. But if 'Tezla' does in fact refer to penis, then it will give you an insight into an ancient practice of dream sorcery.

Tesla was a highly adept lucid dreamer, who could sculpt his dreams into many a futuristic invention to then manifest of 1200 patents to his name, of a world record.

Tesla ushered in the modern age, who invented A/C current, Radar, Fluorescent light bulb, Radio, Rotating Electro Magnetic field, X-Ray, as well as many another futuristic invention, which were utilised by Reagan's shadowy Star Wars project, let alone that of robotics.

Perhaps Tesla had conjured up an inventors Muse of a Tzela Succubus in order to spin his electrifying electron dreams to tune into futuristic possibilities, just like a Palaeolithic shaman of a Doctor Frankenstein sculpting a Playboy Venus figurine of an Eve.

It just so happens the study of human brain scans, have revealed that when heterosexual males are shown soft-core pornographic 'meditation' images of scantily clad Muses, the 'Tool Making' region of their Tesla brains immediately lights up, Eureka style.

The driving force behind technological evolution is the Frankenstein Art Muse.




Frankenstein Creates Tulpa Woman

Faustus Crow


Size: 7200 W x 4800 H x 0.1 in

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