Crystal Embedded Spirit Guide, Green Light Green Painting by Parker Detchon

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Art Description

Painting: Acrylic, Latex, Stone, Resin on Wood.

This painting is a natural evolution of my abstract portrait style. It is unique because of the crystals glued to it's surface along chakra points on the figure. Something I've been excited to do for months now! This figure, to me, is a spirit guide. It is a 2D representation of a spirit energy or soul.

I'm what is called a "process painter." I have been developing a series of steps which I take to create a work of art slowly over the course of a decade. Each new painting or series of paintings represents one minor tweak to my process. The first step is to acquire materials: These paintings were made using entirely recycled materials I salvage. This includes wood and canvas materials, latex, spray and acrylic paints and whatever I can get my hands on. These materials are sourced from the streets of the areas I inhabit, and through donations. Once I have materials I then do some carpentry to smooth out rough edges, build hanging on the back, and whatever else needs to happen to take the quality up a notch. Once I'm there - it's time to paint.

The interior of my mind is on visual display. Concepts, emotions, and elements of my psyche come from the depths of my being up to the forefront of my mind - making their way onto the canvas. The scenes and character portraits are archetypes symbolic of mindsets, maturity levels and spiritual evolution occurring within me. As a process painter I showcase my own dichotomy through steps by beginning in chaotic abstraction before reigning it all in to create recognizable portraits. Just as mankind attempts to reign in the chaos of being alive in the cosmos so too my paintings hone in the randomized effects of abstract painting into figurative work. Balancing out the rawness with quantifiable patterns. This existential mind in an eternal conversation flowing between the body, mind, subconscious and soul.
I began my formal arts education at St. Mark's School in Southborough MA, which is a college preparatory school with a fine arts program where I studied introductory drawing, painting and ceramics. Four years after graduating from there I obtained my bachelor's degree from Lehigh University in the design arts program. I flourished in the study of color theory, graphic design, figure drawing, photography, animation, and of course in painting. After school I lived in Los Angeles for six years producing work for group and solo shows in Venice Beach. Moving to the Pacific Northwest to be with siblings I then painted in Portland, OR with some success in group and solo shows in local galleries. I now live on the Northshore of Maui where I have been work furiously to start an artist owned gallery in Haiku, HI.



Crystal Embedded Spirit Guide, Green Light Green

Parker Detchon

United States

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