Moroccan marchant Painting by Maro Mkhitaryan

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Moroccan marchant

Maro Mkhitaryan


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About The Artwork

The painting shows a merchant in a Moroccan national costume.

Details & Dimensions

Print:Giclee on Fine Art Paper

Size:9 W x 12 H x 0.1 D in


Shipping & Returns

Delivery Time:Typically 5-7 business days for domestic shipments, 10-14 business days for international shipments.

Hi, I am Maro. My works are a mixture of my feelings, internal needs, experiences and dreams. Before the creation of a drawing, images are spinning in my head, which I bring in my mind to more visibility, and after that, they appear on the canvas. The creating process then continues with using materials: visible, tangible, physical. But the light of those images, which have been shining in my thoughts, where I am looking for beauty, kindness, happiness. Kindness, purity, love and beauty in this life, are important things for me and I am trying to express them in my paintings. Since my paintings are born out of the mess in my thoughts, they show a more emotional part of life. In portraits of women their moods, thoughts, passions, desires, are shown without emphasizing their appearance, in animals, there is nature, strength, beauty, in landscapes are expressed feelings and thoughts when the time stops, and you are left alone with the view. Series of creations with their techniques and styles are periodically changing for me: It happens regardless of my intention, as if automatically, when the moment comes, the picture appears in my mind, already demanding other forms. I stay true to my inner sense, trying to catch up with my thoughts, to bring them to the maximum tangible, visible form. In front of me, there is a task - to fulfil my mission as an artist, to bring my ideas to perfection. Every day I try to get a little closer to the solution of this difficult problem. As the greatest critic of my art, I have much work to do, but I share my work with the world, with pleasure. There is love, passion, kindness, sadness, aspirations, feelings that warm us, open the road to imagination and sensitivity. I live and work in Yerevan, Armenia. I was born on 11 August 1984 in Yerevan into a family of artists.My father is a painter, sculptor and interior designer. He works with wood, stone, metal and canvas. He has always been my biggest critic and source of motivation.My mother is a teacher. She is a big fan of art having grown up in a family of a sculptor. She has been right beside me all of my life. She was the one who took me to art lessons holding my hand when I was a kid, every day. She always admired my works and felt happy for my success. My brother also chose to pursue a career in art, he is a sculptor. He does some animation, too. My sister is following my mother's career path.