Oil on Vintage Lithographs Painting by Ana Silva

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Art Description

Painting: Oil, Found Objects on Cardboard, Plastic.

At a yard sale last summer, I found a series of old lithographs from the 1950s. I could have sold them on ebay for a tidy profit, but the itch to modify them creatively took over, and I took them to my workroom this summer instead. I left the original signatures and provenance of the original artist and company in the bottom corners, but reserved for myself the right to make alterations otherwise. I covered part of each lithograph with glorious oil paint of my own mixing. The result is what is, to my eyes, a cleaned up, more beautiful version of what came before. The browns have given way to clean sky blue, a calming neutral gray, or a vibrant and fun-loving yellow. I found it very satisfying, perhaps like the version of life we often yearn for, and think about, rather than what we generally actually get. As a painter, I get to create the world I want to see, at least in paint, and that gets to be my reality, at least in paint. I hope you like it too. I hope it can be a reminder that sometimes we all can just take up a brush and alter things, just that little bit, to our own satisfaction. We can make something beautiful that was once pretty awful. These 5"X7" pieces are of a standard size, and very light. They can be framed easily in standard glass frames, or even hung more informally as is with a piece of duct tape and a loop of string on a small nail or thumbtack.


Oil on Vintage Lithographs

Ana Silva

United States


Size: 7 W x 5 H x 0.1 in

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