what are you doing with the pink horse???? Painting by Elisabeta Gherghel

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Art Description

Painting: Acrylic, Oil on Canvas.

This painting is part of my first and second year college project titled "What are you doing with the pink horse?", Meaningful for the visual of the works. The idea of ​​the title comes from reading Plato's "Phaidros," in which he compares the soul with a horse drawn by two horses, led by a coachman. One of the horses is white, of Divine origin, that's why he is glad to meet the demands of the vision towards the world of Ideas. The second horse is black, on the contrary, of vulgar origin, it is related to the earth's horn and that's why it has gone to the sensory world, which makes the visitation force to take the way up. and pink horse, associated with the pink pony, the favorite toy of toys in most cases, having here a symbol of childhood, purity, naivety ... of direct communication with the inanimate objects, giving them a great big saunas, depending on their condition The child's relationship with the subject, the momentary reaction that affects the look of the pink pony. The question in the title of the project wants to highlight and wants that sapon on the spirit of childhood, where it goes ... is lost or stays ... it's good or bad ... we want to go back or not ?? ?




what are you doing with the pink horse????

Elisabeta Gherghel


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