Discordant Harmony Art Print by Erlance Art

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Art Description

Printmaking: Monotype on Paper.

In this monoprint, values of reds and blues provide the main tone, with a hint of warm yellow/creme. An offset frame of spirals encompasses a sphere over an outstretched hand. The spirals are further away from the edge towards the right of the piece.

The focal point is the symbolic combination of the hand and circles, as it is the area that contains the darkest values contrasted with light ones. The movement is created through the magnitude of the spirals around the piece. The area within the spiral frame is generally darker than that outside creating a contrast between the areas, tied together by the yellow hue most prominent on the outside, but vaguely present throughout the rest of the piece.

The elements of the focal point represent different cultures and religions. The hand, an interpretation of the Middle-Eastern "Hamsa", stands for protection from evil. The circle above it is the Buddhist halo, Nimbus, depicted above the Hamsa, signifies that the hand is a holy figure. The spiral frame is inspired by a Chinese figure of a holy protector of texts and ideas. This spiral frame is protecting the unity of the Hamsa and the Nimbus, which portrays the similarities of the religions and cultures: defining values and worship. Part of this is accepting the differences to be in harmony. But these differences are what is creating harmony. The cultures have to let go of exclusion and arrogant pride, as well as the disability to understand and agree, even if they are in discord. This harmony that has to be held on to is unique, as it is based off of mutual disagreement. The cultures have to be in discord to exist.





Discordant Harmony

Erlance Art



Size: 15.9 W x 22 H x 0.4 in

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