Richard Skelton

Richard Skelton

Leeds, United Kingdom

About Richard Skelton

For over 25 years, Richard has been working with film and digital processes. As an artist, he uses observation of his own surroundings and the natural world, human interactions and feelings to create beautiful conceptual images. Richard's artwork is full of symbolism and each element has a purpose, from the colours to the props to the body language and the combination of all these elements creates the final conceptual image. The digital composite techniques used in his photographs create highly conceptualised artworks, imagining new landscapes. Hyperlayering techniques also create a great depth to his compositions, creating beautiful, natural landscapes rich with symbolism.

His artwork is owned by private collectors all around the world.



Self-taught photographer and artist. Richard has studied the techniques and processes of professional film and digital photography. He has a voracious appetite for anything related to the process and production of creating sensational photographic images as well as anything related to art in general itself.