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Browse our wide-ranging selection of over 89 original Figurative Dogs sculptures by artists working in a variety of mediums. Suitable for both the interior home and outdoor spaces, sculptures anchor a space and are available in numerous textures and colors.

dog. greyhound. image

dog. greyhound.

Sculpture46.9 W x 27.6 H x 9.9 in


Prints from $40

Borzoi (Russian Wolfhound) image

Borzoi (Russian Wolfhound)

Sculpture12 W x 8 H x 3.5 in

Rain Jordan

United States


Dog, waiting for you image

Dog, waiting for you

Sculpture3.9 W x 3.9 H x 3.9 in

Ninon art



Dog, are we going? image

Dog, are we going?

Sculpture17.7 W x 15.7 H x 11.8 in

Ninon art



Sitting Lurcher I image

Sitting Lurcher I

Sculpture3 W x 8 H x 4.5 in

"DOBERMAN" image


Sculpture7.9 W x 13.8 H x 11.4 in

Mateo Kos



Prints from $100

"Long Dog" image

"Long Dog"

Sculpture25.2 W x 15.7 H x 1.2 in

Italian Greyhound image

Italian Greyhound

Sculpture3.9 W x 15.7 H x 9.8 in


Prints from $63

Sleeping Lurcher image

Sleeping Lurcher

Sculpture8.3 W x 2 H x 5.1 in

Scrap/recycled metal sculpture ‘HOUND’ image

Scrap/recycled metal sculpture ‘HOUND’

Sculpture16.9 W x 11 H x 2 in

Cath Kerr

United Kingdom


Wind dog image

Wind dog

Sculpture5.9 W x 5.9 H x 2.4 in

Anna Ro



Yellow dog image

Yellow dog

Sculpture8.1 W x 16.9 H x 3.1 in


Mixed media sculpture, Afghan hound image

Mixed media sculpture, Afghan hound

Sculpture8.7 W x 3.9 H x 2 in


Woof 15. Bloo image

Woof 15. Bloo

Sculpture8 W x 10 H x 3 in

Roelna Louw

United States


Prints from $40

"Wild Mother" image

"Wild Mother"

Sculpture24 W x 42 H x 18 in

palas Razu



Money For Nothing image

Money For Nothing

Sculpture4.5 W x 7 H x 2.5 in

Mike Keene

United States


Prints from $40

Blue Green Purple Dog image

Blue Green Purple Dog

Sculpture3 W x 1.4 H x 1.3 in

Paul Schoettinger

United States


Black Pug image

Black Pug

Sculpture14.6 W x 12.6 H x 13.4 in

Dido Crosby

United Kingdom


Wish Bone (detail) image

Wish Bone (detail)

Sculpture48 W x 60 H x 48 in

Jamie Calderwood

United States


Silent Protector image

Silent Protector

Sculpture3 W x 5 H x 3 in


Prints from $100

Doggy caught the virus image

Doggy caught the virus

Sculpture7 W x 9.8 H x 5.9 in

Rachel K



Poodle image


Sculpture4.5 W x 7 H x 7 in

The Sheriff image

The Sheriff

Sculpture11 W x 19 H x 14.5 in

Martha Todd

United Kingdom


Prints from $40

Blue bulldog on a rug image

Blue bulldog on a rug

Sculpture12 W x 14 H x 13.5 in

Sitting Lurcher II image

Sitting Lurcher II

Sculpture4 W x 7.5 H x 3.5 in

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