Linda Olsen

Linda Olsen

Neptune Beach, FL, United States

About Linda Olsen

“As an artist, I strive to continually grow and experiment with different techniques and mediums. I have spent most of my adult careers as an art director and graphic
designer before becoming a full time professional photographer and now, fine artist.
Composition, creative problem solving and working with deadlines became ingrained after three decades as a designer. I also hold a BS degree in fine & applied arts from San Diego State University. Having this experience
has affected how my photographic images are framed in the camera, my understanding of light on objects from directing studio photographers
and then exploring the possibilities of artistic post production. I find that tinting, adding layers & borders, and digital painting make a unique statement.

Sailing and exploring the ocean was a big part of my early years in California. Hence, most of my paintings are related to ocean and beach landscapes.
My seascapes, tropical scenes, underwater landscapes, mermaids, and abstract paintings are directly the result from my love of the sea.
In my freestanding art studio at home, I listen to music, study and work on my canvases without technology interferring. It is a very joyful place where I am free to create from my imagination and also a good diversion from the technology of my photographic business. I feel
so fortunate to be making a living doing what I love. ”


BS Applied Arts and Sciences, Fine ARt 1972, San Diego State University, San Diego, California, USA. I have been involved in numerous art shows in the last decade as well as a dozen one man shows.


Shows: Sea Turtle Show, First Street Gallery, Neptune Beach, FL October-Jan 2013 "With the Tide", FSG one man show featuring works relating to the sea and coastal landscapes. Gallery 725, Avondale Art Gallery, Aquamarine Gallery in St. Augustine, Del Mar Arts & Gifts, Del Mar California, Art Association Gallery in Darien, Georgia and San Diego,CA
Recently, Linda has been internationally published in Silvershotz,2009 Folios celebrating top fine art photographers globally.
Linda's original mermaid paintings and other sea life and coastal themed art have been featured in Water's Edge, Luxury Living magazine,Arbus Magazine, Ponte Vedra Lifestyle and Jacksonville Magazine. Also presented in Times Square, New York City 2012.
2020 June: International debut, 44 of my original mermaids and mermen are on a collector deck of oracle cards from Hayhouse of London.


SHOWS: First Street Gallery, Neptune Beach in 2000, “Black & White” Show 2003
and “The Mermaid” show 2004, “Sea Turtle” shows 2005-2011. ARTFUL HOME
shows 2000-2005, BELLA TOCARRA Shows 2002, Artistic Chicks Show 2003-2006,
Florida Craftsmen Show 2003, Shrimp Festival 2002, Ponte Vedra Art Festival 2004,
Women's Center of Greater Jacksonville, various shows 2005-2009, Taste 2010,
Shands Hospital Benefits, Florida Film Festival Gala, Riverkeeper Charity Events,
Ponte Vedra Cultural Center, JVCA shows 2006-11, Florida Theater's Art After Dark,
Adele Grage Exhibit “ Waterways” 2010, Artistree Gallery: Mermaid Paintings 2009,
Jekyll Island Goodyear Museum, Goodyear Photographic Show 2006, Jacksonville
Downtown and The Beaches Art Walks, Art at the Beach 2009, Broadfoot Gallery,
Patrons of the Beaches Fine Arts Series, Solo shows at First Street Gallery 2000,
2008, and 2009. Several images also hang in the Federal Courthouse building and
St. Vincent’s Hospital. Art in the Park 2011-2017 shows in Atlantic Beach. My work sells internationally
and I am represented in galleries in Georgia, St. Kitts, St. Augustine, California and Jacksonville, FL