susana martin villarrubia

susana martin villarrubia

madrid, madrid, Spain

About susana martin villarrubia

Since the 80s done work in the field of design objects, furniture, textiles, graphic design, photo-design, digital art, photography, and interior design. Jobs and exhibitions in USA, Italy, Germany, Brazil and Spain. Various awards and exhibitions. Variety of publications in prestigious journals and art design.


Feria de arte contemporaneo FLECHA Madrid 2018 8.2 - 4.3 2018

The exhibition will be held at the GALILEO CULTURAL CENTER from September 18th to october 28th, 2019.


Born in Madrid

Actually lives and Works in Madrid


Graduated in Architecture

Solo Exhibitions & Collectives Exhibitions:

1985. First prize, International prize architecture and design, Bilbao, Spain

1987. Collective Design ” El Local” Madrid, Spain

1988. Art Collective Young Art Comunity College, Baltimore, USA.

1988. Art Collective , Casa de España, Baltimore, USA.

1989. Art Collective, Charles Art Gallery, Baltimore, USA.

1989. Art Collective , Ariel Gallery, New York, USA

1990. Design Collective , “Olio Fiat Ibérica”, Madrid, Spain

1990. Art Collective, Asociación Cultural de Donatello, Padua, Italy.

1991. Solo Exhibition, Galería La Cúpula, Padua, Italia.

1992. Art Collective, Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa, Venice, Italy.

1993. Art Collective, Catalonian cultural sociated, Venice, Italy.

1993. Solo Exhibition, Fondazione Culturale Spagna-Italia, Venice, Italy

1996. Art collective, Galeria Gayo-Arte, Madrid, Spain.

1997. Solo Exhibition, Galeria Gayo-Arte, Madrid, Spain

1999. Design Collective "Nuevo estilo", Madrid, Spain

2000. First Prize, International prize “Ateval”, Valencia, Spain

2001. Solo Exhibition “Secuencias Visuales”, Galería de "Malone", Madrid., Spain.

2001. Second prize “Ateval “ design textil, Valencia, Spain.

2001. Art Collective, Flecotex, Valencia, Spain.

2001. Art Collective “Yellow Vibram Galeria , Milano, Italy

2001. Art Collective "mezzo uovo", Fiera Milano, Italy

2001. Art Collective, Arteexpo, edición 2001, Barcelona, Spain.

2002. Art Collective Takamäki Nokia, Design boom. Milano, Italy

2002. Design Collective, Salón Satélite, Milano, Italy

2003. Art collective "Pasión Diseño Español", Berlín, Germany

2003. Art collective "Pasión Diseño Español, Rio, Brasil.

2003. Art collective "Pasión Diseño Español", Salamanca, Spain.

2004. Art Digital Colecctive, Galeria, Barcelona, Spain.

2004. Art Collective “Diesel”, Milano. Italy.

2005. Art collective “Poesía visual urbana Intercambiable MAD '03”, Madrid, Spain.

2005. Art Collective Showroom, Salon Satelite, Milano, Italy.

2007. Design Collective “Rocking chairs”Concurso Designboom, Milano, Italy.

2009. Photography Collective "Ojo de Pez", Madrid, Spain.

2009. Art Collective, Espacio arte menos1, Madrid, Spain.

2012. Art Collective, Fundación de Arte de Medinaceli, Spain.

2012. Solo Exhibition, “Otra piel” Galeria Dionis Bennasssar, Madrid, Spain.

2014. Art Collective, Fundacion de Arte de Medinaceli, Spain.

2015. Art Collective, Palacio de la Audiencia de Soria. Spain.

2016. Solo Exhibition, "Visible" Espacio para el Arte, Madrid, Spain.

2016. Art Collective, Centro Conde Duque, Madrid, Spain.

2018. Feria de Arte contemporaneo Flecha Madrid 2018

2018. Fair Artstudio Lisboa

2018. Osten Bienall Skopje. Macedonia

2019. Guess artist of the 8th biennail of contemporary textile art WTA Madrid, Spain.