Art Torrey

Art Torrey

Atlanta, GA, United States

About Art Torrey

I've enjoyed many creative roles in my career: I've been an illustrator, designer and creative director, to name a few. This spectrum of creative experiences has helped me to see the world through different lenses all while feeding my creative needs. And for me, painting is a culmination of these creative experiences into a true passion that speaks to my soul.

While growing up on Lake Michigan I was influenced by watching the artistic expressions of my mother. I observed every pen and paint stroke that she created with wonder and carry this feeling into my work today.

Ever the student, I've nourished my curiosity and desire to learn by finding new and unique visual methods. I’ve always loved abstraction and have created an organic process that pulls from my experiences, observations and emotions to inform my work in a uniquely personal way for both myself and hopefully viewers as well.

Though I have true love for all art, I tend to gravitate towards works such as Rothko, Monet and Herrera. They, for me, embody Occam’s Razor, which is that the simplest ideas are often the best.

Please feel free to contact me as I’d love to hear from you. Cheers.