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Andru Fijalkowski

Bristol, United Kingdom



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The inspiration for my art comes from dreams, myths, travels and intuition. My works are mainly figurative and my root influences are what I experience, (the pain and pleasure of life). I believe that creativity is a pathway to the soul, it both expresses and illuminates.


Martyr thumb


Sculpture37 W x 30 H x 10 D in

The Whisper thumb

Sculpture17 W x 57 H x 9 D in

Modern  Mother and Child thumb

Sculpture21 W x 20 H x 4 D in

Cars and Coffins thumb

Sculpture19 W x 19 H x 4 D in

The Shield thumb

Sculpture22 W x 28 H x 10 D in

Fallen Idol # 2 thumb

Sculpture18 W x 27 H x 4 D in

Fallen Idol # 1 thumb

Sculpture25 W x 27 H x 5 D in

Portrait of Rocinante thumb

Sculpture14 W x 42 H x 17 D in

Portrait of Don Quixote thumb

Sculpture13 W x 37 H x 31 D in

Fish no1 swimming freestyle thumb

Sculpture25 W x 52 H x 8 D in

Sisters thumb


Sculpture27 W x 64 H x 16 D in

WTF Modern Man,,,, A Selfish portrait thumb

Sculpture10 W x 20 H x 8 D in

WTF,,,,, no7 Not for Profit thumb

Sculpture10 W x 22 H x 9 D in

WTF no6 Ruby the heart stealer thumb

Sculpture14 W x 31 H x 15 D in

WTF no 5 Sceredy Kat thumb

Sculpture6 W x 16 H x 4 D in

WTF no4 thumb
WTF no4


Sculpture13 W x 34 H x 22 D in

WTF no3 Youf of today thumb

Sculpture13 W x 34 H x 17 D in

WTF no2 thumb
WTF no2


Sculpture10 W x 23 H x 10 D in

WTF thumb


Sculpture9.1 W x 25.2 H x 7.9 D in

Two Faces thumb

Sculpture6 W x 13 H x 6 D in

Lady in Waiting thumb

Sculpture7 W x 14 H x 7 D in

" Lo and Behold " thumb

Sculpture6 W x 10 H x 6 D in

What Lies Beneath. thumb

Sculpture7 W x 12 H x 7 D in

Its A Girl thumb

Sculpture13 W x 43 H x 8 D in

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