Agnieszka Ledóchowska

Agnieszka Ledóchowska

Sopot, Pomorskie, Poland

About Agnieszka Ledóchowska

Born in 1976 in Gdansk Poland, painter. I stop time with my paintings to see the moment as eternal and lost. The colors of blood and nothingness join the subject as a visitation of life and death. A fragile moment is destroyed and then transformed by the presence of symbolic color. The vision of a christening and an epitaph in each image forms the instance into an indestructible existence, embalming life so-to speak, creating a shroud of meaning over the end result. The hard scraping edge of a spatula is the chosen tool for applying red, black, white and resinous paint over canvas. The application of colour with a knife cuts away and makes the vision possible in a destructive and tactile act, like the movements used to remove a barnacle. Each painting demands a new discovery. The abstracts have led me to using a new technique. I've tried to forget about my previous works, and sometimes paint over them as a way of joining the now with the past. When the work is going well, I'm filled with a sense of being complete and being part of it,it as part of me--flesh of my flesh. Each new work becomes a seperate birth. The way our lives are revealed to us becomes an intoxicating story. The tension surrounds the explained versus the unexplained and riddles the viewer with questions that pursue and provoke thought, giving an amazingly creative perspective on the human condition, like a motif of a man who lives without purpose, finding only anaesthetics. The story behind it is one that everyone can relate with, compelling and, hopefully for me as an artist, enriching. It lives and breathes in that huge space that was made only for God and the Devil.


1997-2002 study at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk (in a faculty of Paintings and Graphics) 15th of January 2003 awarded with Master Degree May 2002 an artistic prize of Hestia for a painting of a year,monthly scholarship in New York, USA


2003 - „Some Like It Hot” - The Bloxham Galleries, Londyn (wystawa grupowa)
(28 wrzesień - 14 grudzień)
2003 - „Gdyński Przegląd Artystyczny” - Galeria 78, Gdynia
2005 - „Absolwenci i Studenci Pracowni Sitodruku” 1997-2005, wystawa w ramach
obchodów 60-lecia ASP w Gdańsku.
2006 - Udział w XXII-tym Międzynarodowym Biennale Grafiki i Rysunku Taipei,
Taiwan (Republika Chińska)
2006 - Międzynarodowe Triennale Grafiki, Kraków
Koncert muzyki inspirowanej pracami Agnieszki Ledóchowskiej które powstały
przy współpracy Kate Chmela-Jones, wykładowcy na wydziale Grafiki i Sztuk
Wizualnych w Vaal University of Technology.
2009 - Międzynarodowa Wystawa grupowa „Rosetta Stone“, Jena, Niemcy
2011 - „Konstrukcja portu” - Gdynia, Riwiera (5.07 - 31.07.2011)
2016 - „1 urodziny WL4” (wystawa zbiorowa), 26.11.2016, WL4 Przestrzeń Sztuki
13.10.2027 WL4 Przestrzeń Sztuki "Impossible Objects"