Susanne Haun

Susanne Haun

Berlin, Wedding, Germany

About Susanne Haun

Susanne Haun draws with stell feather and ink on paper, canvas, ink and wood.
With ink and pen she puts the lines on white painted canvas. There are color fragments and other lines under the primer. She call them remembrance fragments.
Since 2002, she has been active as a visual artist and author in Berlin.

From 1993-2005 she worked as a system analyst and developer for various ARD broadcasters.

Since March 2009 she is publishing daily contributions to her own art and art history on her blog and is interacting there as well as on other social media platforms with over 12,000 followers. Susanne Haun also has an art salon in her studio. Here she discusses topics off art with invited guests.

Since 2010, she has also published artistically specialist books in Edition Michael Fischer Verlag. In April 2016 her fifth book "Die Farbe in der Zeichnung" (translated: "The color in the drawing") was published.

2004 Specialprize of the 3rd Lessedra World Art Print Annual,
2009 advancement award ZeigdeineKunst, Project of the Galerie Richter & Masset, München,
2013 funding from the Bezirksamt Reinickendorf, Berlin as part of decentralized cultural work,
2017 juries of AOK artproject 2017,

Collections: Graphothek Berlin, Embassy of Ireland, Berlin, Museum Steglitz Berlin


Susanne Haun studied art history and philosophy at Freie Universität Berlin.

Professionell Artist - Fine Art Drawer, uses ink on canvas, glass, wood and paper.

Here you can find a short vimeo clip about me:


Juries of AOK artproject 2017
art meets health
January - April
AOK-Servicecenter Teltow, Potsdamer Straße 20, 14513 Teltow
May - August
AOK-Servicecenter Spandau, Galenstraße 6, 13597 Berlin
September - December
AOK-Servicecenter Reinickendorf, Residenzstraße 37, 13409 Berlin

Lounge / Salon on Tuesday im studio / galery / Artroom Susanne Haun
28 march 2017, 18.00 – 21.00

Plein Air Festival Kühlungsborn 7. – 14. Mai 2017

Groupshow ICY
July / August 2017
Kulturbahnhof Nettersheim, Bahnhofstraße 1, 53947 Nettersheim

solo exhibition with gabriele d.r. günther
Kunstzentrum Tegel Süd
13. – 15. Oktober 2017


2021 Buchdruckmuseum, Krakow am See
Galerie Blickwinkel, Schwerin
2019 Schmetterlingshorst, Berlin, Schirmherr G.Gysi
2018 Querbrüche – Obdachlos, Berliner Städteförderung
2017 Kunstzentrum Tegel-Süd, Berlin
2015 Hist. Kirche Roddahn, Neustadt (Dosse), BB
2014 Galerie Blickwinkel, Schwerin, Galerie Severina, Bad Doberan
2013 Irische Botschaft, Berlin
2012 Galerie Faszination Art, Hamburg
2011 Kunstverein Mittelahr, Altenahr
2010 Turmgalerie, Imst, Österreich
2009 Gutshaus Glinde, bei Hamburg
2008 Kunstverein Johann Kentmann, Torgau
2007 Städtische Galerie Süd, Magdeburg; Klostergalerie Zehdenick; Schleswig-Holstein-Haus, Schwerin, museal
2006 Galerie Storchenturm, Berlin
2005 Galerie Zeitlos, Bergkamen
2003 Kunstamt Mitte Berlin
2002 Aktiv-Galerie, Berlin

2021 crossart virtuell #2
crossart for future

2020 Schleuse Nord, Kiel
Mein Wedding 2020
2019 Schloss Türnich, bei Köln
2018 Galerie Hartung, Köln
2017 Open Air Galerie Mein Wedding4, Berlin
2017 AOK Art Project
2017 Kulturbahnhof Nettersheim (near Cologne)
2016 Green Hill Gallery, Berlin, Galerie Vinogradov, Berlin
2015 Lage Egal, Berlin
2014 Klosterkirche Grimma bei Leipzig, Galerie Wedding, Bezirksamt Mitte, Berlin
2013 Galerie Severina, Bad Doberan
2012 Kunstamt Berlin Reinickendorf, Berlin
2011 Galerie Angelika Bläser, Düsseldorf, Galerie Petra Lange Berlin
2010 Gutshaus Steglitz, Berlin, Galerie Petra Lange, Galerie Treffpunkt Kunst, Heidelberg
2009 Galerie Petra Lange, Berlin, Frauenmuseum Bonn, Juryentscheidung
2008 Galerie Berger, Schwerin, Kunstmesse München über Galerie Bläser
2007 Stadtmuseum Weiden, Galerie Büsch, Berlin
2006 German House Gallery, 871 United Nations Plaza, New York, USA, Katalog, Galerie Wollhalle, Güstrow, Juryentscheidung
2005 Galerie Kass, Innsbruck, Österreich
2004 Museum der Arbeit, Hamburg, DruckKunst (Katalog), National Palace of Culture, Sofia, Bulgarien, Frauenmuseum Bonn, Juryentscheidung
2003 Oper Leipzig, Juryentscheidung bbk Sachsen