Sandra Borges

Sandra Borges

Colares, Lisboa, Portugal

About Sandra Borges

Sandra Borges is born in 1979 in Lisbon. The sculptor mostly based her work on human behavior. Sometimes looking through the stereotypes, sometimes through the eyes of a individual, it is always about how one's personality is formed and how one relates to the other and in society.
Working only with Portuguese stone (marbles, limestone`s and breccia), she also mix it with other media if the idea demands it. The result is very personal way to make art objects that link the tradition of stone carving to other materials and plastic languages.


2006 - Sculpture degree by Beux Arts College, Lisbon University
2009 - Professional period of training in Centro International de Escultura, Sintra


2017 - "Taverna das Artes", efemeral sculpture for the event;
2016 - Public sculpture, Sintra Arte Pública, Sintra, Portugal
2013 - Public sculpture, O Bairro i o Mundo Festival, Loures, Portugal
2011 - Artistic residence in Lapidiales, Port D'Envaux, France
2010 - Artistic residence in Lapidiales, Port D'Envaux, France


2021 - 4ª Gaia Bienal Art Contest and Exhibition, Gaia, Portugal; "Sítios do Barro II / Places of the Clay II", collective exhibition, Levada Cultural Center, Tomar, Portugal;
2020 -"Sítios da Pedra / Places of the Stone", collective exhibition, Levada Cultural Center, Tomar, Portugal; "Convergências IV", collective online exhibition; "Sem Limites / No Limits", collective exhibition, Fórum Maia, Portugal;
2019 -" Artexpo Autumn Rome 2019", collective exhibition, Art Gallery Rome, Rome, Italy; " Os sítios do Barro I / Places of the Clay I", collective exhibition, Levada Cultural Center, Tomar; "Human Nature", individual exhibition, Pirescoxe Castle gallery, Loures; "Retrospective exhibition of 2018" - Orlando Morais gallery, Ericeira;
2018 - " Plastic Arts Exhibition", collective exhibition, Santa Catarina gallery, Lisboa; "Convergências", collective exhibition, Orlando Morais gallery, Ericeira;
2017 - exhibition with Manuela Martinho and Diogo Rosa in the "Convergências" cycle, ArteGraça Gallery, Lisboa; "Pássaro de Fogo e outras estórias / The fire bird and other stories", collective exhibition, Oficina de Cultura, Almada; "Convergências", collective exhibition, MU.SA, Sintra;
2015 - "Discooperio", collective exhibition, Prológica, Carnaxide;
2014 - "Artesanias", individual exhibition, Entroncamento; "State of the Art - Estoril Art Exhibition", Estoril
2013 - "Artesanias", individual exhibition, Malaposta Cultural Center, Odivelas, Portugal;
2012 -"Artesanias", individual exhibition, Turismo gallery, Sintra, Portugal; "Pássaro de Fogo / The Fire Bird" with COR.SETE group, Groupama, Lisbon;
2011 -Atlantic Room, Sta Marta Garden, Ericeira; Le Pas Sage Galery, Saintes, France; "Inword Outword", collective exhibition, Headquarters of the Medical Association, Lisboa;
2010 - "Passiflora", collective exhibition, Pirescoxe Castle, Loures, Portugal; Malaposta Cultural Center, Lisboa, Portugal; Turismo gallery, Sintra, Portugal; "10 ans de Lapidiales", collective exhibition, Port D'Envaux, France
2009 - "Passiflora", collective exhibition, Atlantic Room, Santa Marta Garden, Ericeira, Portugal
2008 - "Exposição Colectiva de Artes Plásticas", Cerco Garden, Mafra, Portugal
2006 - "FBAUL Finalist Exhibition", collective exhibition, Palácio do Marquês, Oeiras, Portugal; "Ausência / Absence", collective exhibition, Espaço J, Barreiro, Portugal;
2005 - "Ausência / Absence", collective exhibition, Abrantes, Portugal;
2004 - "16 Olhares / 16 Views", collective exhibition, FBAUL Cisterna gallery, Lisboa, Portugal; Oleiros Town hall, Portugal; Tavares Proença Júnior Museum, Castelo Branco, Portugal;
2000 - "Mar de Areia / Sand Sea", individual exhibition, Chá no Deserto gallery, Sintra, Portugal