Mudstones & Washers Collage by Hamish Pringle

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Washers & Mudstones in situ

Art Description

Collage: Clay, Metal on Wood, Other.

These 'mudstones' are formed by the Common Piddock, a burrowing mollusc which lives in undersea mud or clay deposits. Rough seas break off chunks of deposit and the tidal action across 150 yards of sand rubs them down until eventually they become part of the beach. I find them during this process and preserve the ones with particularly appealing shapes. As these mudstones are formed by a process of attrition they can be used to symbolise life cycles. In this work I've added a metal washer to each mudstone's 'eye'. I found the majority of these washers on London pavements and streets. Most bear the marks of usage and some are a bit rusty. I like the visual pun of a man-made metal washer in juxtaposition of a fish-like mudstone which has been created naturally.





Mudstones & Washers

Hamish Pringle

United Kingdom


Size: 25.6 W x 25.6 H x 1 in

This artwork is not for sale.