20181108 01 - Karolina Kurkova Drawing by Louis-Francois Alarie

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Art Description

Drawing: Charcoal, Graphite, Pencil on Paper.

Very nice graphite, charcoal and pencil drawing done on white paper in format for which frames are commonly sold worldwide and that can be stored in plastic sheet within a binder.

I am interested by the attracting charms of the icons of my era. This is a portrait of Karolina Kurkova. She is a famous top model. Is she exceptional because she is famous or famous because she is exceptional ? There's the icon and there's the woman and there's the subjective perception. For me, the way to ask the questions and the ways to explore the answers are in the style used to do the artworks. There is what we think that we see and there are the surprises that we have not noticed at first, tremendous amount of details to mystify and make understand that there were many things still unnoticed in the person or the object depicted. I add the details consciously until they become abstract and your mind see them and interprete them differently with passing time and for me the reality of everything is based on the same process. For me, this style has more impact than doing the portrait photorealistically, because a picture doesn't hide surprises, everything is given at once and the viewer forgets that his mind has a perception. By doing so, I invite the viewer to explore the perceptions and the choice of portraits of celebrities or top models or even iconic cars and things associated to wealth are very logical for me. The viewer gets closer and sees the unnoticed details and wonder at them and then the main subject becomes the interest for the technique. The icons are created for profits making and for me it is very similar, you loose the sight of the whole thing because you have interest for a part of it. It is a pop art mind frame but done in a post-modern way. I am the witness of my era. What is the value is often given by the price and investors create our reality and our culture and our history. Icons are built for profits and it is often forgotten that people are free to like or not and publicity cannot decide of everything. Price is not the value. Obviously for me, art needs to show that.

I show some details of the artwork and I invite you to don't hesitate to have it printed in large size format if you have the space for that display.




20181108 01 - Karolina Kurkova

Louis-Francois Alarie



Size: 8.5 W x 11 H x 0.1 in

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