A Fearing Drawing by Neil Dixon

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Framed in dark stained wood with double mount.
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Art Description

Drawing: Graphite, Pencil, Charcoal on Paper.

The subject of this drawing has been ripped and shattered each autumn for countless years. Twigs and branches repeatedly destroyed, only to heal and regrow. This year, it suffered such severity that damage has rendered almost its entire length, creating deep gouges and sinewy shreds that will struggle to heal before next year’s onslaught.

Though there are inevitable creative decisions when creating an impression of the subject, it is vital that I work from genuine, found subject. Though my local hedgerows have on recently been clipped, leading to endless potential subjects, it was the particular blend of aged healing, new damage, and the arrangement of shredded wood that drew me to this particular subject. I plan to return next year to see how - or whether - it has survived this shattering.

This work received the President's Award at the Society for Graphic Fine Art's DRAW 16 exhibition, London, October 2016.



A Fearing

Neil Dixon

United Kingdom


Size: 22 W x 29.1 H x 1.2 in

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