Ensaio para amizade #33 Drawing

Mauricio Mallet


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About The Drawing

Saatchi Art is pleased to offer the Drawing, "Ensaio para amizade #33," by Mauricio Mallet, available for purchase at $371 USD. Original Drawing: Graphite, Pastel on Paper.

The lack of memory, the lost fragments of history, the record of the past of the individual who has been deleted. The memory takes over, the past, the present and the future protrude into something forgotten. In the future it would be just an empty built with memory or failing that, it creates gaps in mind and do not know what its real meaning. You have to know forget to savor the taste of this, the moment and waiting. You have to forget the recent past to retrieve the remote past said Marc Augé. While Freud did of this a relationship with a child. I think in the beginning and end childhood, old age, there is forgetfulness of this at the expense of the past. No matter the language, but the record built for the perpetuation of imaginable and erased space / time are mixed with history, which is often the collective rather than the individual. Space emptiness ... a trial of deposed's left in me.