Natures Dark Secret Painting by Joshua Scott

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Art Description

Painting: Spray Paint, Glass, Neon, Resin, Full spectrum on Canvas, Glass, Other, Paper, Carbon Fibre.

"Natures Dark Secret" is the name of this Masterpiece. As I was going through the steps to put this spider web on the canvas a bug flew into the web. Hence, Natures Dark Secret. This is the first of 6 spider web art pieces that I have created for 2016.

I take great pride and joy in finding ways to preserve the beauty that Nature offers us. When you can sit back and watch one tiny spider build a masterpiece within an hours time, there are few things that can describe the experience. That is why I have found a way to preserve this amazing beauty.

This particular web belongs to an Orchard Orbweaver. This spider is one of the prettiest designed spiders that I have ever seen. The whole body is covered in very bright metallic colors, kinda like you would see if you were in an apple orchard with all kinds of different apple trees with apples on them. These spiders tend to gather in groups, so if you find one web, you will probably find at least another 3 around it. Sometimes they will even move from one web to the other. They are a rather small spider.

As far as the piece of artwork goes, it measures 12in by 12in, and is 1.5in thick. The web has been covered in black and is on a yellow canvas. It has then been covered in a resin that gives it a very glossy-glass like appearance. You will never have to worry about anything happening to the web. Also, please remember that this is the ACTUAL spider web, not just a painting of it. You can also see where the web had a bug that was stuck in it on the left hand side. The resin actually gives the web a 3-D like image. You can see every little detail that the spider worked on. This piece of artwork is as unique as our finger prints are to us. There will never be another one exactly like it.

This piece of artwork would add a very special touch to any room and would be sure to be a focal point at any get together. You could hang it on the wall or lay it on a flat surface.

I strive to bring nature to people that don't get to see it in their every day lives like I do. I want to preserve nature for people all around the world to have the opportunity to own a piece of natures beauty.


Natures Dark Secret

Joshua Scott

United States


Size: 12 W x 12 H x 1.5 in

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