Re-Created Girls in Ocean by Robert S. Lee Painting

Robert Lee

United States

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About The Painting

Saatchi Art is pleased to offer the Painting, "Re-Created Girls in Ocean by Robert S. Lee," by Robert Lee, available for purchase at $1,480 USD. Original Painting: Oil on Canvas.

Since there is no up or down when a person is floating in the water, this painting has no up or down. Therefore the art collector can decide which direction to hang it. Signed, titled, and dated (1-30-18) on the reverse. Personal seal on corner. I re-create what I see and paint artwork with a humane concern that connects Art with humanity. I begin to paint in slashing fast brushstrokes and pallet knife techniques using dark heavy colors to bright, clear, dazzling colors. It is the feelings and the colors that provide the essence of my images. I strive to create paintings with vibrant colors, intense marks, brushwork, line, composition, emotions, and energy. My paintings absorb light which interacts with the pigments and then caroms off the canvas displaying the feelings invested in the artworks. The colors, direction, and angles of paint work to create the expressive content. I chose to paint portraits, but I needed to figure out who I wanted to work on. I decided against celebrities, because I didn't want to stand on the shoulders of others. I came up with two conditions: 1) The person had to be friendly. The girl had to be willing to chat and talk; and 2) the woman had to be beautiful. I needed a model who was pleasant to look at for several weeks as I did the painting.