untitled 02 Painting by Gary Goryany

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Art Description

Painting: Oil, Woodcut, Charcoal, Metal, Wood on Canvas, Iron, Wood.

canvas, metal, oil, assembly, pastel,chalk, wood

In creations of Gary Goryany everything kept moving from the landscaping style towards signs and symbols from specifically made sceneries to abstractions. More than ten years ago he was carried away by the school of esoteric symbolism. Particularly symbolism turned to be the instrument of perception of reality which allowed an artist to express secret endeavors of his personal soul and depict ancient signs of the Universe. In many of his works Gary Goryany uses unusual techniques. This method is called sculpto-painting. creative work on the border between painting and sculpture. As one of the most important elements in his works an artist is applying wood and metal. For the author wood is not just a material, but also that special fifth element of cognition, a symbol of eternal life.
Primary motifs that constantly present on canvases and sculpto-paintings of Gary Goryany are numerous spirals, rays as symbols of connection between the Creator and the man. in spite of everything certainly those are rays of light. Human bodies, animals, butterflies and the elements of plants are literally interwoven into the painting spaces.
Over the years Gary has many collectors, mainly from the USA, UK, Sweden, Norway, Russia, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Japan and many more.



untitled 02

Gary Goryany



Size: 50 W x 40 H x 1 in

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