# 2016 Fractal art Original.... Photograph by Igor Bajenov

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Art Description

Photography: C-type, Color, Digital, Paint, Manipulated on Paper.

# 2016 Fractal art Original!

Exclusive Photo Collection Design in Contemporary Art -Digital Photo Mix -Abstract / Expressionism-Figurative/Drawing/Vector/Graphic in Fine Painting Art.

A detail from a non-integer Multi bread set
Fractal art is a form of algorithmic art created by calculating fractal objects and representing the calculation results as StillImages, animations, and media. Fractal art developed from the mid-1980s onwards. [1] It is a genre of computer art and digital art Which are part of new media art. The Julia set and Mandelbrot sets can be Considered as icons of fractal art. [2]

Fractal art (especially in the Western World) is not drawn or painted by hand. It is created Usually Indirectly with the assistance of fractal-generating software, iterating through three phases: setting parameters of Appropriate fractal software; Executing the Possibly lengthy calculation; and Evaluating the product. In some cases, other graphics programs are used to modify the images produced Furtherwirt. This is called post-processing. Non-fractal imagery may therefore be integrated into the artwork. [3]

It was Assumed That Fractal art Could not have developed without computer Because of the calculative capabilities They Provide. [4] Fractals are generated by applying iterative methods to solving linear equations or polynomial non-equations. Fractals are any of various extremely irregular curves or shapes for Which any suitably chosen part is similar in shape to a larger or smaller part Given When magnified or reduced to the SameSize. [5]

A 3D Mandelbulb fractal generated using Visions of Chaos
There are many different kinds of fractal images and can be subdivide into several groups.
Fractals derived from standard geometry by using iterative transformations on at initial common figure like a Straight Line (the Cantor dust or the Koch curve), a triangle (the Sierpinski triangle), or a cube (the Menger sponge). The first fractal figures invented near the end of the 19th and early 20th centuries belong to this group.
IFS (iterated function system)
Strange Attractors
Fractal Flame
L-system fractals
Fractals created by the iteration of complex polynomials: Perhaps the most famous fractals.
Newton fractals, Including Nova fractals
Quaternionic and (Recently) hypernionic [clarification needed] fractals [6]
Fractal terrains generated by random fractal processes [7]
Mandelbulbs are a kind of three dimensional fractal.

Fractal expressionism is a term used to differentiate traditional visual art did Incorporates fractal elements: such as self-similarity for example. Perhaps the best Example of fractal expressionism is found in Jackson Pollock's dripped patterns. They have been found to contain a Analysed and fractal dimension Which has been attributed to his technique. [8]

Techniques [edit]

Fractal image generated by Electric Sheep

A fractal image made with Sterling
Fractals of all kinds have been used as the basis for digital art and animation. High resolution color graphics Became increasingly available at Scientific Research Labs in the mid-1980s. Scientific Forms of Art, Including fractal art, have developed separately from mainstream culture. [9] Starting with 2-dimensional details of fractals: such as the Mandelbrot set, fractals have found artistic application in fields as varied as texture generation, plant growth simulation and landscape generation.

Fractals are sometimes combined with evolutionary algorithms, Either by iteratively choosing good-looking specimens in a set of random variations of a fractal artwork and Producing new variations, to avoid dealing with cumbersome or unpredictable parameters, or collectively, as in the Electric Sheep Project, where people use fractal flames rendered with distributed computing as Their screensaver and "rate" the flame They are viewing, influencing the server, Which Reduces the traits of the undesirables, and Increases Those of the desirables to produce a computer-generated, community-created piece of art.

Many fractal images are admired Because of Their perceived harmony. This is Typically Achieved by the patterns Which emerge from the balance of order and chaos. Similar qualities havebeen described. In Chinese painting and miniature trees and rockeries [10]

Fractal rendering programs used to make fractal art include Ultra Fractal, apophysis, Bryce and Sterling. Fractint what The First Widely used fractal generating program.



# 2016 Fractal art Original....

Igor Bajenov



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