#Does unicorn exist? - Limited Edition 0 of 7

Czech Republic

Size: 22 H x 16 W x 1.2 in

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Art Description

Photography: C-type, Photogram and Photo on Paper, Cardboard, Wood and Glass.

This "abstract photogram" reflects the problems of today's world, raises questions of origin and creates contemporary art.

Does unicorn exist? - title of art is based on the google search phrase by which it was created.

Orignal artwork from project "Lost Connections" and series of 15 motives of 7 limited frammed prints called: "Intend to turn a mighty".
This project is about our addiction on mobile phones and internet connection. The concept is based on the Google Searches error view - a selection of the most popular topics and phrases of the Internet. What people are looking for, what is "interested," what our current world illustrates. It's not a shout in the dark, it's public Google's statistics, which I'm simulating in my cellphone with a limited network connection. Image information is then deconstructed into monochromatic surfaces by the software itself, so we are also randomly displayed on the displays. What we get is a cut of reality, a document of the time. Random and unwanted minimalist pun on the background of big words.
I am photographically recording what people around the world can see on their phones or displays - a new reality and visuality, an abstract world that inadvertently makes up for software and hardware errors in our devices.

About Material and adjustation: Print on Baryt paper. I framed this artwork with a modern white handmade boxed frame that was manufactured specialy for this series of artworks, this frame have a UVglas front, this means the artwork is protected from ultraviolet light.

More about project: http://www.dyntera.com/index.php/works/chtit-pootocit-se-moci/

Keywords: Photography, Screen, Photogram, Internet , Conceptual, Contemporary, Google Search, Abstract, Minimalism, Modern, Screenferno, Lost Connections

Subjects: Pop Culture/Celebrity

Styles: Abstract, Conceptual, Fine Art, Minimalism, Pop Art

Mediums: C-type, Photogram, Photo

Materials: Paper, Cardboard, Wood, Glass

Prints: Pop Culture/Celebrity Art Prints, Abstract Art Prints, Conceptual Art Prints, Fine Art Art Prints, Minimalism Art Prints, Pop Art Art Prints, C-type Art Prints, Photogram Art Prints, Photo Art Prints, Paper Art Prints, Cardboard Art Prints, Wood Art Prints, Glass Art Prints

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