solar cell #12 (scales) - Limited Edition of 10 Photograph by Antonio Romero

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Detail A of the artwork, in high resolution.
Posing at my booth at art3f Brussels 2018 (Belgium), international contemporary art fair.
International contemporary art fair art3f Brussels 2018 (Belgium). Project 4.
International contemporary art fair art3f Paris 2019 (France). Project 2.
REAL SIZE of the subject of the artwork.

Art Description

Photography: Digital, Color, Full spectrum on Paper.

LIMITED EDITION, shipping not included.
LARGUE SIZE: 46.1 x 69.1 in (117 x 176 cm) + 4 in (10cm) white boarder . Edition of 10 + 2 AP, $9,500 USD.
This artwork, in MEDIUM SIZE, has been exhibited, along with four other works from the collection "solar energy, color and emotional energy", in the international contemporary art fairs art3f Paris 2019 (France).
The artwork " solar cell #11 (blue & green)" of this collection has been shown in the international contemporary art fair art3f Brussels 2018 (Belgium).

Also available in:
SMALL SIZE: 11.5 x 17.3 in (29,5 x 44 cm) + 2 in (5 cm) white boarder. Edition of 30 + 2 AP, $400 USD.
MEDIUM SIZE: 23 x 34.6 in (59 x 88 cm) + 2 in (5 cm) white boarder. Edition of 20 + 2 AP, $2,500 USD.

Every Limited Edition is printed in Fine Art pigment print, Museum Quality Paper, with the attached Digigraphie print quality Certificate. The artwork is signed by the artist, and includes a numbered Certificate of Authenticity.

Rolled with many layers of protection, and shipped in a double reinforced cardboard tube.


A microlandscape of light scattering scales.

We are matter, energy and emotions.
I want to pay homage to our star that illuminates the world, and life. And also to the color for to construct aesthetic experiences that feed our fragile memories, our dreams and our existence. Processes that take place in our creative mind of logic gates with switches of colors. The creative mind: the completely "irrational" and so exclusive trait of the homo sapiens.

As context I have chosen the solar cell, It produces electricity from sunlight, a inexhaustible source of clean, renewable and ecological energy. At a microscopic level, its unpublished and unexplored chromatic landscapes are the protagonists of my impressions and expressions of a journey through microspaces of light, energy and color.

From the Sun we receive astronomical amounts of energy (1000 W/m²).
A part of this energy, as light, comes to the Earth and reaches the microcrystals of our solar cell.
In the inner layers the quanta of light are transformed into electrical energy.
On the surface, sunlight interacts allowing us to see the color, which in turn generates large doses of "emotional energy."

But color is first and foremost an immaterial entity, is not in the things, it is created in the mind and exists only in it. It is the result of brain activity, orchestrated by several neurotransmitters that, during the psychophysical process of visual perception, initiated in the retina, converts the nerve impulses into the "sensation of color" and the universe of emotions emanating from it.

Color is essential in art, as is line, form, concept and light.
But mostly, as a fundamental element of the code of our visual language, it is a powerful expressive tool and of communication.

REAL SIZE of the subject of the artwork: 0.30 x 0.45 mm (0.012 x 0.018 in).

As a medium I use the digital photography with the help of a microscope.
This series belong to the project "sun, earth, energy, climate change", for more information please check out my official website:




solar cell #12 (scales) - Limited Edition of 10

Antonio Romero



Size: 69 W x 46 H x 0.1 in

Ships in a Tube

Shipping included

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