KISS Ukiyo-e "Kabuki (autographed)"- Limited Edition x of 100 Art Print by ukiyo-e project

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KISS Ukiyo-e "Kabuki (autographed)"- Limited Edition x of 100

ukiyo-e project



Size: 13.4 W x 18.9 H x 0.1 D in

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Artist featured in a collection

Art Description

Printmaking: Woodcut, Ink, Color on Paper.

This portrait style is very popular in the Ukiyo-e world. The design of the Kimono comes from Aoko Roshi (47 Ronin), and a touch of shine is infused with mica on the Kimono (grey area) in respect to KISS. The color inside the figures' chain mail distinguishes each member of the band. The lighter color make-up symbolizes Kabuki’s Kumadori make-up.
The KISS Ukiyo-e became a challenge for the Artisans, particularly for the Printer because each original piece required 90 color layers per print.

Craftsmen: Ukiyo-e creation requires three highly skilled artisans

Illustrator: Masumi Ishikawa
Woodcarver: Kazuo Watanabe
Printer: Hideo Yoshida

Quality over Quantity:
Since the prints are all handmade, to maintain the finest quality we are only offering 200 prints at this time. Out of the 200, there are 100 prints that are autographed by the band members.

Due to the nature of this hand produced art form, colors and lines may vary in intensity between prints. This creates the uniqueness of each print and therefore allows everyone to have their own experience.


Washi, traditionally hand-made Japanese Paper “Echizen kizuki housho”.

There is an additional craftsman behind the scenes. This “Echizen kizuki housho” is made by Shouhachi Yamaguchi in Fukui Prefecture. This Washi maker in Fukui has a history of 1500 years. Washi was used for preserving documents in the age of the samurai. The Washi is made of all natural fibers from the mulberry tree, allowing it to be very durable. Ukiyo-e would not have its form unless the Artisans had this Washi paper. There are only 2 Washi craftsmen left to make this Echizen kizuki housho, and our provider is a certified national treasure of Japan.

Edition Numbering:
Each print will have an edition number. The numbers are chosen randomly. So it will be different from the image (3/100).

Maintenance and Preservation:
Over time, the color will fade, which is part of the Ukiyo-e experience. Keep the Ukiyo-e out of direct sunlight, strong ultraviolet sources, and high humidity. Once the art is received, remove the folio from the plastic sheathe to allow it to breath.




Artist Recognition

Artist featured in a collection

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