Following the North Star Sculpture by Patrick Mack

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Art Description

Sculpture: Bronze on .

A man carrying a child on his back through the water to safety. This work was inspired by an old slave song “Wading the Waters” and images of St. Michael carrying passengers to safety. In addition, through stories I heard from neighbors, I was moved to create this work of art to preserve the memories of those who were determined to be free, and for those people who were courageous enough to help them. Some slaves who escaped through the Under Ground Railroad tried to do so under the cover of darkness and could loose the tracking hounds by entering cold streams. It was used as a proposal for the Nat'l Underground RR Freedom Cntr to celebrate the courage, cooperation and perseverance of the human spirit.



Following the North Star

Patrick Mack

United States


Size: 15 W x 17 H x 12 in

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