Il Bandito Sculpture by Ilker Yaman

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Art Description

Sculpture: Glass, Iron on Glass, Iron.

I have always been an artist who thinks that every art piece should habitate a certain amount of craftsmanship. Because of the education I have received and my preference as the medium that I chose to be shaping being glass, I do supply that challenging but loveable craftsmanship in every art piece that I bring to life. Often in my works, by studying the physical properties of this medium glass in a conceptual way, I tend to perform sometimes towards satire and other times directly towards my personal demons. I also do prefer to emphasize the attributes of glass such as fragility and transparency with contrasting materials.

After almost 10 years of learning and experimenting on "glass" as my sole medium, it has not been more than 1 year since I have started to combine iron and glass together in the same body of work. I am still trying to master it on many levels, both in physical and conceptual aspects, but it has been feeling like a lifetime since then. Due to fragile yet aggressive molecular structure of glass and contrasting destructivity of burning ferrous bits on the other hand, saying "fusing the iron sparks on glass surface without cracking it successfully without certain amount of patience infused with blood and sweat was difficult" would be an understatement. Just because of that, working process to finish a piece without any accidents elongates dramatically.

It feels like raising an adopted, traumatic child, making a well adjusted adult out of him by forging himself an armor with clear knowledge and respectable experience, that can protect him from any kind of danger out there, yet letting him remember with intendedly exposed, bare crystalline areas from his fragile past at the same time that he can learn from. Or on a bigger cosmic scale, mimicking the role of the creator instead of a father, by throwing flaming meteors from outer space on silent, sleeping oceans to start order and life with the trigger of chaos and demolition. By this way of meditative practice, I think I also feed my artistic way of thinking. A bit narrative classically and a bit seccesionist by any means at the same time formwise.




Il Bandito

Ilker Yaman



Size: 12 W x 20 H x 8 in

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