VIRUS Sculpture by Rumen Panayotov

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Art Description

Sculpture: Glass, Granite, Stone, Digital, Interactive on Stone, Glass, Marble, Other.

Video of the sculpture, can be viewed here:


is a sculpture which inherently represents a concept oriented towards the development of humanity in the 21st century. Internet and digital devices and technologies that are undeniably firmly to our lives today and their development yet. Present through delicate "wink" similarity between the real world and the virtual cyberspace. A virtual-real and real-virtual "bug". In essence visualize electronic term, but leave the viewer to judge and perceive the object that monitors.
Presented my abstract form in itself is cause for provocation. It does not look like something familiar and concrete. At the same time reminds refers to existing and foreseeable by the forms of which is formed .Izgradena of two main parts.
  The first is the main figure. Search results of impact there is an endless association of forms, surfaces and volumes. They are triggered by our surroundings and Internet. The observer is free to interpret, visualize and enriches the work in my mind.
The second part is the pedestal on which the main figure is standing. He was graduated squares. In each one of them has entered a part of a hemisphere. Thus was obtained a specific, unreal surface, which is also an environment (space) of the main body. Bottom is engraved with numbers. Ones and zeros -, Binary 'That's the language code which is based on any software. The foundation has placed a mirror on which they are reflected. My approach is the case because of the nature of "Binary" code.



Rumen Panayotov



Size: 15.7 W x 13.8 H x 11.8 in

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