mosaic 'Takeoff' Sculpture by Aljaz Vidrajz

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Side view of 'Takeoff' mosaic.
Closeup of 3D mosaic technique.
Detail view of materials used in the mosaic.
Closeup of single mosaic piece.

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mosaic 'Takeoff'

Aljaz Vidrajz



Size: 101.2 W x 50 H x 2.4 in

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Art Description

Sculpture: Mosaic, Black & White, 3D Sculpting, Marble, Ceramic on Marble, Glass, Stone, Ceramic, Other.

The basic idea behind the mosaic is a collage of bird's takeoff photos. This is the platform for artistic interpretation. Illusive black and white figure is being formed from variety of different colours and materials. This are pieces of leftover marble from stonemasons, glass from cleaning the ocean, hardened tar, metals, leftovers of broken vessels, ceramic pottery, plates...

Each of the 200 pieces is a individual object that can function in space by it's own. At the same time it is part of a bigger picture which has deeper and more profound meaning. This artwork is pushing us to step back and see the wider picture. Each of us is an individuum, but we can create better and more profound when we are capable of wider thinking.

Takeoff is inviting people to place selected piece in their home where it will be a everyday reminder of our consumer habits and will push us forward to become better us.

This way modular design is gradually loosing it's pieces, that flew to the world in order to change it. Artist is replacing the sold pieces with new ones which are different and this way the composition of Takeoff is gradually being organically transformed. The work is in constant movement and transition.