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Robert Clements

Athens, GA, United States


Born Pittsburgh, PA, studied painting at Carnegie Mellon University, BFA; Penn State University, M.A.,Ph.D.. Taught art at Ball State University 4 years; University of Georgia 25 years.


Brave Girl thumb

Sculpture27 W x 41 H x 8 D in

Acrobats and Fractals thumb

Sculpture32 W x 95 H x 10 D in

The Engagement thumb

Sculpture19 W x 93 H x 10 D in

Circus Acrobats thumb

Sculpture10 W x 30 H x 10 D in

Jumping through Hoops thumb

Sculpture38 W x 74 H x 8 D in

Faces thumb

Sculpture9 W x 72 H x 12 D in

Circus Horses thumb

Sculpture48 W x 60 H x 9 D in

At Home thumb

Sculpture12 W x 12 H x 12 D in

Dancing in the Moonlight thumb

Sculpture35 W x 38 H x 1.3 D in

View All 9 Artworks