Christ Meets His Mother: Station of the Cross #4 Collage by Jerry DiFalco

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Art Description

Collage: Paper, Photo, Paint, Taxidermy, Found Objects on Canvas, Paper, Soft (Yarn, Cotton, Fabric).

This mixed media artwork is from a series of fourteen stretched canvases entitled, THE STATIONS OF THE CROSS. All of the originals are from The Permanent Collection at THE PHILADELPHIA EPISCOPAL CATHEDRAL, which is located next to the campuses of Drexel University and The University of Pennsylvania (38th and Ludlow Streets, just north of Chestnut Street). These originals are not for sale, however prints of them are available through Saatchi On Line. The Dean of the Cathedral, The Rt. Rev. Judith Sullivan, and her clergy and staff sponsor a number of programs to help the local community; moreover, all of the artist’s proceeds from the sales of these prints will support the Episcopal Cathedral Weekly Food Bank, which helps to feed fifty local families.

These fourteen artworks act as Lenten meditation tools and depict scenes from Christ’s arrest through to his burial. They are executed as wall reliefs in plaster or wood, paintings, or sculptures. My STATIONS are assemblages executed on stretched, primed canvases. They incorporate many items including bones, seeds, rose stems, mammal skulls, and glazed sugar. No animals were harmed to obtain the bones, which were all found in nature. My works also include castings of objects that I created and photographic images I chanced upon on the streets or in trash dumpsters. I also used original photos taken by myself. I altered some of these images by hand or digital means.

Station number FOUR is entitled, CHRIST MEETS HIS MOTHER ON THE WAY TO CALVARY. This wall assemblage was executed in mixed media on stretched canvas. Christ encounters his mother Mary, whose Hebrew name is Miriam, on the road to Calvary. I chose to focus on a close-up of Mary's face by digitally altering a color photograph that depicts a painted work by Albrecht Durer. I represented Christ here as digitally altered photographs of a developing fetus. I did this to emphasize a possible thought that Mary had while seeing her grown son at this moment. I felt that she might remember him as a seed within her womb. Her heart is broken as she studies her beautiful son covered in blood, dirt, and bruises. I actually envisioned Mary's delicate heartbeat stopping momentarily by this shock. Therefore, I employed two ribs from a baby deer to represent her heart. Moreover, I used a circuit board to represent our body's ability to restart our shocked heartbeats, even during times of trauma and shock . . . during the times when we feel utterly dead. I stitched a tall triangle of gold metallic thread over this circuit board to symbolize sacred geometry and Triune aspects of God. My media include bones, 24 karat gold metallic thread, acrylic polymers; acrylic paint; gloss acrylic gel; digitally altered photographs of a painted detail by Albrecht Durer, Kodak gloss paper, hand tinted silver print, black and white photos painted over with gold acrylic, found object, and, canvas stretched over wood frame.


Christ Meets His Mother: Station of the Cross #4

Jerry DiFalco

United States


Size: 10 W x 20 H x 1.2 in

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