Sabina Puppo

Sabina Puppo

Pueblo Edén , Maldonado, Uruguay

About Sabina Puppo

Born in Montevideo, Uruguay, Sabina Puppo, grew up in a family of artists. Sabina’s art education started at a very early age under the tutelage of her grandparents, and at her father’s art studio. Sabina was an active collaborator and helped her dad prepare canvases, mix pigments, collaborate in mixed media projects, and -under his supervision, even paint sections of his artwork.

Sabina found success early in her art career. When she was 6 years old, one of her drawings drew a bidding war between two art collectors. Another of her drawings was selected for the cover of a record. Before her 10th birthday she sold prints of her drawings and donated to multiple fund raisers. Throughout her teens, she commercially sold hand-woven bracelets made from fibers and roots. In her mid-twenties she moved to the United States and focused on ink drawings and fired clay. In her mid-forties she and her husband moved to a farmhouse in a tranquil little piece if paradise that proudly calls itself Pueblo in Uruguay. Sabina has been influenced by Grandma Moses, Henri Rousseau, Joan Miró, Caleb Ives Bach and Francisco Toledo. She treasures early American folk art and precolumbian and Native American art.

Sabina loves painting stories about life in nature. “Joyful” and “uplifting” are the words most often used to describe her artwork. Sabina’s oil paintings celebrate the rural landscape where she currently lives. Other paintings also depict life in New England, where she lived for decades. Her art has been exhibited in Uruguay and the United States. Her work has endeared her to many collectors who have taken her art to private collections in Argentina, Spain, France, Italy, Canada and the United States.

Sabina’s wish: “I hope you enjoy the paintings as you get to imagine your own stories. I would love for a painting to bring up a pleasant memory or a smile! Each painting is unique and original, and they have been imagined and painted with great joy.”


Georgetown University, Washington, DC, USA
The George Washington University, Washington, DC, USA
Lesley College, Cambridge - MA, USA


2020. Donates oil painting to silent auction for ReachingU Foundation.
2020. Donates oil painting for 33 Orientales auction for AGADU and CanastasUy.
2020. Donates oil painting to Arte Solidario Covid19 National Emergency.
1978. Drawing “Sun” is sold to be printed as a greeting card.
1974. Drawing “Girl goes on a walk” sold to a private collector.
1974. Drawing “Girl with braided hair” is selected for record cover “El disco de Pegui” by musicologist Coriún Aharonián.
1973. Donates drawing “Girl with tall trees” for Children’s Hospital, Buenos Aires.
1972. Donates drawing “Girl dancing with umbrella” to Dr. Raúl Carrea at FLENI (Children's foundation against neurological diseases).


2020. Collective exhibit, San Carlos Art Studio, Uruguay.
2020. Expo Virtual Uruguay 2020, Punta del Este, Uruguay.
2019. Solo exhibit Museo Regional Carolino, Maldonado, Uruguay.
2019. Collective exhibit, Casa de la Cultura, Maldonado, Uruguay.
2019. Culture & Arts Fair, Pueblo Edén, Maldonado, Uruguay.
2018. Collective exhibit, Cedartes Gallery, Maldonado, Uruguay.
2017. Collective exhibit, Cedartes Gallery, Maldonado, Uruguay.
2016. Collective exhibit, Cedartes Gallery, Maldonado, Uruguay.
2001. Collective exhibit, Oolite Arts Miami Beach, USA.

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