Stephan Reichmann

Stephan Reichmann

Berlin, Berlin, Germany

About Stephan Reichmann

Based in Berlin and Leipzig (Germany), 100% full-time visual artist with the whole program of ups and downs but happy and very convinced in what doing. My work can be best associated with abstract expressionism. I work with oil and paint colors and usually paint without a brush. In addition to wood, cardboard, paper and glass, the canvas is my preferred material. The second focal point of my work is object art - especially with dolls, children's toys and everyday objects - and their integration into multi-disciplinary installations of light, sound and video. I currently work on an ongoing interdisciplinary art project THE PUPPENHAUS.
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GET FAMILIAR WITH WHAT YOU BUY: Once one of my here displayed artworks attracts you I like to offer a video conference to you eigther on Facetime or on Skype. When we meet there I can move your favourite piece of art in any direction, from front to back or narrow side or zoom in and out. Also you can talk to me and ask questions meanwhile. I think this is more than fair to get a bit more familiar with your object of desire before you spent your money. To get in contact pls. send your request on or email me office[at]


2019: Berlin (Germany) during Berlin Art Week in September
2019: Berlin (Germany) during Gallery Weekend in April
2016: Berlin, Leipzig (Germany)
2015: Berlin (Germany)
2014: Berlin (Germany)


2019: Berlin (Germany)
2018: Amsterdam (Netherlands)
Berlin, Munich (Germany)
2017: Berlin, Dusseldorf, Munich (Germany)
2016: Berlin, Dusseldorf, Leipzig (Germany)
2015: Berlin, Munich (Germany)
2014: Berlin, Bremen (Germany)
2013: Berlin (Germany)