Velta Emilija Platupe

Velta Emilija Platupe

Riga, Latvia

About Velta Emilija Platupe

I look at the mankind as a mystical and miserable evolutionary phenomena. I mystify and recreate my own universe in the way the enigmatic world of Tlon Uqbar was created in J. L. Borges’s story « Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius ».
I collect scenes, stories, images, inhabitants to create a new expanding continent where love and death exist side to side.

I work with painting, sculpture, marionette art, drawing, writing and theater. Color plays a significant role in my creative process. Color is used for documentation and provoking different emotions. Vibrant, expressive, baroque lines and forms create a dense, vibrant universe which is full of suppressed energy. I look for inspiration in sacral art from all cultures and all times. Ancient images are observed from a contemporary point of view and with a strange fascination. Like any urban citizen who dreams about a flower garden deep into the woods.

In my work, time and space are morbidly sacral. I use human faults and bizarreness to recreate the everyday world.
I believe we need ugliness to admit the need of love deep in our hearts and we need beauty because it gives us feeling of being loved. We need a full scale of emotions that is in-between, and a great empathy towards ourselves to admit it. My work is about the young and beautiful, but it’s also about the old and ugly.
Humans need compassion when they are newborn babies. As we grow old, we need it even more. Art is a powerful tool in order to achieve and awake that sensitivity.


2017 - thinking about what to learn next?
2012 - 2014
Art Academy of Latvia, Ceramic department, studies in Master program
Ecole Supérieure d’ Arts & Médias de Caen/Cherbourg, France, DNSEP diplom (equivalent Master degree), graduation project « Terre errante », an installation of ceramics and literature
Art Academy of Latvia, Painting department, Master degree, graduation project « Seven Sleepers », an installation of paintings and dance performance
Studies in Erasmus Exchange program in Ecole Regionale des Beaux-Arts
de Caen, France
Art Academy of Latvia, Painting department, BA degree, graduation project « The Sixth Day », a group of oil paintings
Art Academy of Latvia, Stage design department
Art Academy of Latvia, Painting department
College of Arts and Design of Riga, Latvia


2019 "Casanova", a story about one of the most legendary lovers of all times: Giacomo Casanova at Theater of Puppets of Latvia.
2018 "Lessons of Persian Language" by Gennady Ostrovsky: a theater play at Žanis Lipke Memorial in Riga. I created animated paintings and costumes for this deeply touching story about Holocaust.
Spring/summer 2017: a new obsession with jewelry. When I will loose my looks at the end, will pearl-embroidered sculptures remain my best friends?
Spring 2016 "Celibacy".
If you are a female living in Latvia, how big is your chance to spend your life in celibacy? Let me whisper: it's enormous!
Spring 2015 "Tale of Old Death", puppet spectacle at Gertrudes ielas teatris, Riga, Latvia. Be aware! Old Death is looking for a new disciple!


After working on multiple exciting projects at theater - puppets, animation, costumes and more, I am finally back in the calm solitude of my studio. In the world of myriads of images, does a painting have a right to exist at all? I use painting as a personal tool of meditation and exorcism.