Paestum tree in archaeological site


Size: 13.8 H x 20.9 W x 0.4 in

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Art Description

Drawing: Digital, Graphite, Ink and Pencil on Aluminium, Canvas, Paper and Other.

This photograph It belongs to a group of 116 photographs taken in April 2014, during the visit to the archaeological site of Paestum, in the course of a journey dedicated to the discovery of some localities of Cilento, the popular area of provicia of Salerno in Campania, home Mediterranean Diet.

The original shot made digital color then subjected to four processing steps in post production and processing to the computer, to achieve the result of photo graphic

Keywords: Tree, Italy, Campania, Paestum, Archaeological Site, Cilento, Flowers

Subjects: Tree

Styles: Documentary, Figurative, Fine Art, Photorealism, Realism

Mediums: Digital, Graphite, Ink, Pencil

Materials: Aluminium, Canvas, Paper, Other

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