No.1 Painting by Phill Hopkins

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Art Description

Painting: Spray Paint, Household, Black & White, Photo on Paper.

A series of forty-nine black and white photographs taken
by the artist Phill Hopkins of the Pembrokeshire coastline,
Wales, in later 2016. Each photograph was laid in the artist's studio, collecting drips and marks of paints, varnishes and other debris during the making of the Post Truth series of paintings.
I was in despair after the UK voted to leave the European Community, dramatically increased on hearing the result of the American presidential election . Consequently my current work has undergone a major shift.
After the turmoil of the Brexit vote, during the build-up to the American election and in the mist of a family struggle, in October 2016 I spent some time on the coast in Pembrokeshire, Wales. I took hundreds of photographs of the empty sea. In an attempt to straighten my mind I edited these down to 65 black and white images. Returning to my studio I started to make paintings based on the photographs. The images and my application of paint became more and more turbulent, increasingly so after the presidential election result.




Phill Hopkins

United Kingdom


Size: 3 W x 4.9 H x 0 in

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