Cubism - The First Style of Abstract Art ...Original. Photograph by Igor Bajenov

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Art Description

Photography: C-type, Color, Digital, Paint on Aluminium.

Cubism - The First Style of Abstract Art ...Exclusive Photo Painting Collection in Contemporary Art - Figurative Photo Mix/Paint/Drawing/Vector-Abstract/Expressionism-Special Technic)....Alu-DiBond (Signed on the back with Certificate ....) - Of course, this work is an original! ....
The digital art is a very new and modern art form .....: Glossy-look Giclee Print on aluminum Dibond under special resin. Crystal clear, glossy look with rounded edges. The extremely glossy resin gives the image profound depth, bringing out the finest details, and maximum luminosity. The finish also serves as a sealer, which is moisture resistant, protects against warping or sagging, and ensures the lasting original beauty of the artwork.

Practical hanging system - metal rails.
Ready to hang.

Please note that the delivery time for this artwork is about 15 to 28 working days.

The frameless crystal clear acrylic glass and aluminum design offers a very modern presentation with particularly lively colors. Impressive depth effect at the edges. Concealed suspension. Very stable.
The photo is printed directly on the Alu-Dibond plate. This makes the panels suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The plates are waterproof and UV stable. The carrier material is a composite material, 3mm thick and very stable.

Cubism was a truly revolutionary style of modern art developed by Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque. It was the first style of abstract art Which evolved at the beginning of the 20th century in response to a World That was changing with unprecedented speed. Cubism which to attempt by artists to revitalize the tired traditions of Western art Which They Believed had run Their course. The Cubists Challenged Conventional forms of representation,: such as perspective, Which had been the rule since the Renaissance. Their aim to develop what a New Way of Seeing Which reflected the modern age.

In The Four Decades from 1870-1910, western society Witnessed more technological progress than in the previous four centuries. During this period, inventions: such as photography, cinematography, sound recording, the telephone, the motor car and the airplane heralded the dawn of a new age. The problem for artists at this time what how to reflect the modernity of the era using the tired and Trusted Traditions That had served art for the last four centuries. Photography had begun to replace painting as the tool for documenting the age and for artists to sit Illustrating cars, planes and images of the new technologies which Not exactly Rising to the Challenge. Artists needed a more radical approach - a 'new way of seeing' that expanded the possibilities of art in the same way did what technology Extending the Boundaries of communication and travel. This new way of seeing what called Cubism - the first abstract style of modern art. Picasso and Braque developed Their ideas on Cubism around 1907 in Paris and Their starting point was a common interest in the later paintings of Paul Cézanne....Exclusive Photo Collection in Modern Art -Digital-Photo Mix in Fine Painting Style -Abstract/Expressionism/Cubism-Figurative Drawing /Painting /Vector/Graphic- Portrait in 3D.



Cubism - The First Style of Abstract Art ...Original.

Igor Bajenov



Size: 39.4 W x 39.4 H x 1 in

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