VADON (1/3) Dark Turquoise - Limited Edition of 3 Art Print by Stefan Osnowski

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Art Description

Printmaking: Woodcut, Oil, Ink on Paper.

"Monochrome" comes from the ancient greek word "monochromos", literally meaning ‚having one colour‘. The monochrome often serves purposes. On one hand to communicate spiritual purity; by choosing one colour, one could explore the tranquility of total abstraction. The other purpose was to reduce the work of art to its simplest form so that the focus of the piece would be on its pure physical elements; colour, form, texture.

"Vadon" is the hungarian equivalent for wilderness. Accordingly an area is been called as wilderness, if it is assigned as a counter-world to any cultural principle of order. The evaluation can be both positive and negative: as "untamed, untidy" nature in contrast to the cultivated nature, or as "unspoiled, innocent" nature. It is this innocent wilderness the biblical motif of Garden Eden, the mythological place of the Genesis, the origin of all forms. The untouched forest still as a metaphor and longing landscape, as a counterpart to urban cityscapes, nowadays retains its mythical face.

This work "Vadon" plays with two sides of these "morphogenesis’"; on one hand the perceptual image which only emerges as an optical mirroring of the texture and forms on the viewers retina; and on the other hand the monochrome motif itself: the "wilderness" as the spiritual place of morphogenesis.



VADON (1/3) Dark Turquoise - Limited Edition of 3

Stefan Osnowski



Size: 102.8 W x 55.1 H x 0 in

This artwork is not for sale.





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