MARA - Mariela Dimitrova

MARA - Mariela Dimitrova

Sofia, Sofia, Bulgaria

About MARA - Mariela Dimitrova

My name is Mara, it's from Mariela :)
1967, June 26 - Born in Sofia, Bulgaria.
I live and work in the capital of Bulgaria - Sofia. I like to experiment with techniques and materials. I love wood, metal and old things. That's why I often use them in my work. In the works that require more cunning, my husband helps me ... until sometimes we do things together and we have several mutual works.
Even on twitter we have a common profile - for both :)


1982 - 1987 - Academia de San Alejandro, Havana, Cuba. Graduated in artistic engraving. Tutor in the thesis - Angel Ramirez Roque.
1995 - Graduated in Bulgarian Language and Literature from The University of Sofia St. Kliment Ohridski.


The contests not are my passion, but I have participated in some: 2012 - in the gallery Pironessa, city of Plovdiv, for authors up to 45 years of age. I decided to participate only because the 45 came in haste :) And I got the prize - shared with the Bulgarian painter Rosen Markovski.
A decade ago I have a hobby for photography and it seems that being a plastic artist helps a lot to be a photographer :) The era of digitization - same :)
As I already mentioned, I do not like to participate in events and competitions and I do not do it often, but once I participate in an FIAP contest in Varna, 2012 and I shared the honor of being "best author" of the year with a colleague-photographer Of Ireland - Brian Hopper.
Cataloged works.


1997 - 2003 - Multiple units in Bulgaria and Bulgarian cultural institutes in Europe.
2003 - October - Cuban embassy in Sofia for the days of the Cuban Culture
2003 - 2018 - participation in the galleria Astry - annual issue: format 30/30cm
2005 - June - Presentation of 7 painters and sculptors: Bulgarian Embassy in Cuba - July-expo at galeria Astry: beneficent, Sofia; September - Bulgarian-Naive Art, gallery GRITA, Sofia; December - Christmas, painting, gallery GRITA, Sofia
2006 - 1st anniversary of the galleria Pagan in Sofia.
2007, 2009, 2011, 2015 - Participation in the International Biennial of Humor c. Gabrovo, Bulgaria; Cataloged works.
paint shop. - December-Expo-performance-10 Artists dismiss the old year - galleria Atelier 59, Sofia.
2008 - February - Arte Naif Bulgarian, galleria Pagane, Sofia. -June to August - "Mirrors and reflections" - galleria TESTA, Sofia 2009 - "Winter" - naive painting, gallery "Paris", Sofia
2008 - 2011 - Common exhibitions in the galleries "Paris" and "Gritta"
2015 - Autumn Salon Wadenoijen, Nederland

In all the years between 2007 - 2016 my photographic works have been delegated in multiple photographic exhibitions.

Solo Exhibitions:

1998-1st solo exhibition, gallery PARTER, Shipka 6 Union of Bulgarian painter, Sofia,
2003 - September - Recycling - new life for old objects or pieces of them. Astry Gallery, Sofia.
2004 - to 24 June-"El dia de San Juan Bautista" - display - performance with elements of witchcraft. GAYA Gallery, Sofia.
2005 - April - "MARA presents" - Opening of a new gallery in Sofia-Pagan.
2006 - March - "A little song for you ..." - a few songs, each illustrated by two-dimensional works, and bidimencional .... In the gallery Astry, Sofia.
2007 - April-"Madam, do you remember ...?" - Painting, drawing, photography and installations in collaboration with the photographer Stanka Koleva. 2d anniversary of the galleria PAGANE
2008 - May, "A lyric-dramatic photographic exhibition" - alternative photography, mounted on canvas and wood. TESTA Gallery, Sofia.
2008 - October-November-"The breaks of reflexes where artistic accumulation gives :)" - painting, photography, installation. In collaboration with painter Rosen Markovski. PAGANE Gallery, Sofia.
2009 - "Apple pie" -10 photos on canvas, 1 painting and installation. Gallery "Gaya", Sofia
2010 - May-June "Entanglement" - mixed media paintings. 10 works on wood and canvas. -November - photography, giclee on canvas.
2011 - "Doll-graphia Magica" - with Radostina Draganova. Digital photography on canvas, the author's original technique, figurines (Radostina) ceramic, fabric and metal.
2012 - May - the "Hotchpotch with grapes" - Gallery "Pagane" - Sofia anniversary retrospective exhibition of the gallery.
2012 - September-October - "Wind job" - AUTOFRAF Gallery, Plovdiv; then - Nov - Gaia Gallery, Sofia
2013 - November, Pagane gallery
2015 - "Suite for four hands" - Mara and Boyan - joint exhibition with Boyan Govedarski with whom they live and work together for many years, but in 2015 the first time he decided to present their individual works.
2016 - October "Fables" Papillon Gallery, Varna. Bojan Govedarski and Mirjana Malcheva (dolls)
2017 - october - "Playing" - Vazrazhdane gallery, Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Together with Georgi Yordanov.
2017 - december - "Playing 2" - Pagane gallery, Sofia, with Georgi Yordanov