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Browse our wide-ranging selection of over 2,205 original sculptures by artists working in a variety of mediums. Suitable for both the interior home and outdoor spaces, sculptures anchor a space and are available in numerous textures and colors.










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Muscle Knot image

Muscle Knot

Sculpture20 W x 46 H x 16 in

Ralph Paquin

United States


Prints from $100

Perfection is always late image

Perfection is always late

Sculpture15 W x 13 H x 9 in


Prints from $45

Madame Reve image

Madame Reve

Sculpture36 W x 72 H x 24 in

Capucine Safir

United States


FLAME image


Sculpture40 W x 120 H x 70 in

lyle london

United States


Prints from $25

Identity Sequence e 4 image

Identity Sequence e 4

Sculpture117 W x 121 H x 8 in

Yvette Kaiser Smith

United States


Lambo image


Sculpture24 W x 24 H x 9 in

Seunghwui Koo

United States


Prints from $40

Esculmau ''Chocolat'' lollipop image

Esculmau ''Chocolat'' lollipop

Sculpture12.6 W x 41.3 H x 7.9 in


Kate Moss Wow - Chanel - Wall Sculpture image

Kate Moss Wow - Chanel - Wall Sculpture

Sculpture27 W x 36 H x 4 in


United States


The Capsule image

The Capsule

Sculpture22 W x 75 H x 28 in


Nuit noire image

Nuit noire

Sculpture15.9 W x 33.9 H x 2.4 in


Prints from $40

Esculmau ''vert pomme'' Lollipop image

Esculmau ''vert pomme'' Lollipop

Sculpture12.6 W x 41.3 H x 7.9 in


Petit Esculmau Turquoise image

Petit Esculmau Turquoise

Sculpture2.4 W x 6.7 H x 1.2 in


Defender image


Sculpture86.6 W x 78.7 H x 35.4 in

Sam Shendi

United Kingdom


Digital Mind image

Digital Mind

Sculpture21 W x 34 H x 9 in


Odd Jelly Out: Ron image

Odd Jelly Out: Ron

Sculpture18 W x 30 H x 18 in

We are coming. image

We are coming.

Sculpture15.7 W x 9.8 H x 9.1 in


Prints from $40

Gold balloon image

Gold balloon

Sculpture12 W x 26 H x 12 in




Oleander by Magnus Sebastian image

Oleander by Magnus Sebastian

Sculpture72 W x 48 H x 14 in

Magnus Sebastian

United States


Etudes from Pi in 5 Squared (front) image

Etudes from Pi in 5 Squared (front)

Sculpture191 W x 72 H x 33 in

Yvette Kaiser Smith

United States


Big Fortune image

Big Fortune

Sculpture50 W x 80 H x 50 in

Brian Zheng

United States


Angel Wings II image

Angel Wings II

Sculpture51 W x 34 H x 10 in

Julie Martin

United States


Two Figures image

Two Figures

Sculpture25.6 W x 68.9 H x 17.7 in


Envole image


Sculpture74.8 W x 74.8 H x 74.8 in


Gigi Butterfly - Sculpture Custom/Similar available image


United States


The lucky one. image

The lucky one.

Sculpture70 W x 60 H x 36 in

Ancizar Marin

United States


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