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Browse our wide-ranging selection of over 283 original Nude sculptures by artists working in a variety of mediums. Suitable for both the interior home and outdoor spaces, sculptures anchor a space and are available in numerous textures and colors.

suspended in space image

suspended in space

Sculpture12.6 W x 31.1 H x 7.9 in

Andrzej Szymczyk

United Kingdom


Cirrostratus image


Sculpture8 W x 30 H x 5 in


FADO image


Sculpture57.1 W x 13 H x 26 in


She II image

She II

Sculpture11.8 W x 39.4 H x 7.9 in


Man Woman image

Man Woman

Sculpture38 W x 61 H x 15 in

Eric Camiel

United States


Desire image


Sculpture68 W x 43 H x 15.7 in

Olja Sofronijevic

Czech Republic


melancholia image


Sculpture5.9 W x 19.7 H x 3.9 in

Pan image


Sculpture6 W x 12 H x 5 in

Mikhail Gubin

United States


Prints from $40

Hanging Figure image

Hanging Figure

Sculpture13 W x 41 H x 12 in

Larry Graeber

United States


kiss my ass image

kiss my ass

Sculpture5.9 W x 15 H x 5.1 in

Stephen McLaren

United Kingdom


headache image


Sculpture6.5 W x 20 H x 3 in

Hugo Perez



Prints from $40

Japanese Garden Nude image

Japanese Garden Nude

Sculpture37 W x 21.5 H x 2 in

Toby Moate

United Kingdom


Prints from $61

Woman With Big Shakers image

Woman With Big Shakers

Sculpture8 W x 22 H x 5 in

"The Antibodies" series "Madam Cork" image

"The Antibodies" series "Madam Cork"

Sculpture16.5 W x 22.8 H x 8.7 in


Prints from $40



Sculpture5.5 W x 18 H x 4 in


Vivid Dreamer image

Vivid Dreamer

Sculpture15 W x 33 H x 11 in


tired image


Sculpture2 W x 8.3 H x 2 in


Eros Plâtre feuille d'or image

Eros Plâtre feuille d'or

Sculpture9.1 W x 9.4 H x 3.1 in


Fragmented Venus II image

Fragmented Venus II

Sculpture13.8 W x 19.7 H x 7.9 in

Benedict Romain

United Kingdom


Woman image


Sculpture9.8 W x 28.7 H x 2.8 in


woman. olive wood image

woman. olive wood

Sculpture7.9 W x 19.7 H x 4.7 in


Prints from $129

Maria Maddalena a colazione image

Maria Maddalena a colazione

Sculpture18.5 W x 18.5 H x 1.2 in

Venus image


Sculpture26.4 W x 46.5 H x 7.1 in


Prints from $40

The egg woodcarving image

The egg woodcarving

Sculpture19.7 W x 15.7 H x 15.7 in


Prints from $89

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