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Hospital thumb


Installation200.8 W x 157.5 H x 118.1 D in


The Departure (from "imprinted" series) thumb

The Departure (from "imprinted" series)

Installation24 W x 36 H x 2 D in

marina font

United States


net no. 14 thumb

net no. 14

Installation0.4 W x 0.4 H x 1 D in


TB or not TB thumb

TB or not TB

Installation50 W x 62 H x 6 D in

Caitlin Karolczak

United States


Prints from $20

Black Flag White Flag  thumb

Black Flag White Flag

Installation55.1 W x 78.7 H x 3.9 D in


Vanitas thumb


Installation244.1 W x 59.1 H x 181.1 D in


Prints from $100

The need for deconstruction thumb

The need for deconstruction

Installation16.1 W x 20.1 H x 2.4 D in

Francesca Busca

United Kingdom


Prisoner thumb


Installation10.2 W x 12.7 H x 6.4 D in

bora201304 thumb


Installation315 W x 133.9 H x 86.6 D in


Dorothy thumb


Installation50 W x 57 H x 22 D in

Aaron Miller

United Kingdom


Orange expansion thumb

Orange expansion

Installation63 W x 59.1 H x 122 D in


Herbarium Magnolia thumb

Herbarium Magnolia

Installation78.7 W x 118.1 H x 39.4 D in


Prints from $139

Torri Gemellate thumb

Torri Gemellate

Installation71 W x 71 H x 71 D in


net no. 23 thumb

net no. 23

Installation78.7 W x 78.7 H x 196.9 D in


Prints from $99

Invisible Threads are the Strongest Ties thumb

Invisible Threads are the Strongest Ties

Installation30 W x 40 H x 2 D in

Madonna with a skull thumb

Madonna with a skull

Installation11.8 W x 11.8 H x 1 D in

nympheum thumb


Installation181.1 W x 196.9 H x 192.9 D in


Prints from $40

Million of crimson  Roses thumb

Million of crimson Roses

Installation9.1 W x 8.7 H x 0 D in


Piacenza thumb


Installation145.7 W x 27.6 H x 145.7 D in


Prints from $40

bora201305 thumb


Installation86.6 W x 133.9 H x 78.7 D in


The Bad News thumb

The Bad News

Installation24 W x 40.9 H x 0.2 D in

Leszek Blyszczynski

United Kingdom


through the maze thumb

through the maze

Installation30 W x 40 H x 1.4 D in

Kofi Effah

United States


Feuillemort, Barossa Farm Land, South Australia thumb

Feuillemort, Barossa Farm Land, South Australia

Installation35.4 W x 47.2 H x 1.6 D in

Untitled thumb


Installation38 W x 20 H x 3 D in

Bernardo Navarro

United States


Swept Away at Sea thumb

Swept Away at Sea

Installation35 W x 40 H x 7 D in

Cathy Breslaw

United States


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