21 Artists to Collect in 2021

Impressive. Amazing. Inspired. These are the words our collectors use to describe the moment they find a new artwork that speaks to them. At Saatchi Art, we help you discover and buy art you love. To provide you with some inspiration for the year ahead, our team of expert curators have compiled this list of 21 up-and-coming artists you should collect in 2021.

Bonnie Severien

“Combining the geometry of nature with the ideals of mid-century modern design, Bonnie creates harmonious paintings that transport us to a utopian world.”

– Rebecca Wilson, Chief Curator & VP



Kevin Foote

“Kevin’s staid figurative paintings are grounded by their rich brushstrokes, while subtle surrealist elements suggest unexpected narratives lurking underneath.”

– Aurora Garrison, Associate Curator

Stop Smiling

Jonathan Ducrest

“A native of Switzerland now based in Los Angeles, Jonathan photographs the diverse environments he encounters—from mountainscapes to abandoned water parks—with a fresh and critical eye.”

– Bethany Fincher, Assistant Curator

Splash Kingdom #1 – Limited Edition of 25

Johnny Floyd

“Johnny draws inspiration from surrealist, abstract, and figurative practices in his recasting of Classical figures as characters in a new African American mythology.”

– Megan Wright, Senior Curator

Black Janus

Ashley Cole

“Ashley uses mixed media to create abstract works that convey a sense of movement and freedom, yielding a transcendent experience for the viewer.”

– Aurora Garrison, Associate Curator


Be Free

El Lovaas

“A tangible positivity can be felt emanating from the layers of paint, charcoal, pastels, and wax that El applies in a free-flowing, intuitive painting practice.”

– Monty Preston, Manager, Art Advisory and Curation


Nik Ad

“Responding to contemporary events with a journalistic immediacy, Nik’s illustrations have appeared on the covers of The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, The Washington Post, and many more.”

– Rebecca Wilson, Chief Curator & VP

The Brink

Haevan Lee

“Known for her unique painting-sculptures, Haevan superimposes scenes from the divided Korean peninsula to reveal a reality of psychological anxieties felt throughout the two nations.”

– Erin Remington, Assistant Curator

23579 days

Dan Monteavarro

 “In his recent Chimera series, Dan combines incongruous imagery into new narratives that comment on social norms, all underpinned by his formal exploration of harmony and tension.”

– Erin Remington, Assistant Curator

trampling in a garden

Lauren Pearce

“Lauren’s mixed media works express the colorful language of identity, race, and womanhood.”

– Erin Remington, Assistant Curator


Jamie Gray

 “Informed by traditional craft-based techniques, Jamie’s mixed media works are evocative of patterns found in nature.”

– Aurora Garrison, Associate Curator

Civil Dawn

Zinna Yoo

“Zinna’s simultaneously bold and delicate lines, shapes, and color palettes define the atmospheric landscapes of her imaginary world.”

– Megan Wright, Senior Curator


Garcia Mar

“Garcia’s bright and energetic paintings are distinguished by their tactility and unique use of repurposed materials like bubble wrap.”

– Monty Preston, Manager, Art Advisory and Curation

Partículas 5

Píramide roja

Connie Harrison

“Connie playfully explores form, color, and the boundaries of representation to build up richly textured, sculptural paintings.”

– Megan Wright, Senior Curator


Becky Bailey

Becky builds her compositions from the inside out, resulting in paintings with unexpected shapes that spur us to connect with her figurative scenes in a new way.”

– Bethany Fincher, Assistant Curator


Brian Reinker

“Taking cues from the Op Art movement and the rhythm of urban environments, Brian distills landscapes and abstract compositions into meticulous collages.”

– Rebecca Wilson, Chief Curator & VP

Homage to Monet, Water Lillies 3, 2020

Sarah Beetson

“Sarah’s art explores contemporary politics and the perversities of popular culture, boasting a client list that includes The Times, Penguin Books, The British Fashion Council, MAC Cosmetics, and Smithsonian Magazine.”

– Megan Wright, Senior Curator

Black Lives Matter (Wynton)

Climate Kids – Manilla

Louise Howard

“Effortlessly blending realism with semi-abstraction, Louise’s figures elicit a feeling of strength in their vulnerability, femininity, and quiet beauty.”

– Monty Preston, Manager, Art Advisory and Curation


Simon Williams

“Simon draws inspiration for his vibrant, abstract works from childhood comic books, propaganda posters, graffiti art, and advertisements.”

– Bethany Fincher, Assistant Curator

Road Runner

Karli Henneman

“Through a minimalist vocabulary of hard-edge lines and neutral palettes, Karli invites viewers to meditate on the interplay of shadow and form in urban spaces.”

– Megan Wright, Senior Curator


Jason Balducci

“Jason’s colorful paintings are reminiscent of the Expressionist movement, buzzing with energy and spontaneity.”

– Bethany Fincher, Assistant Curator

Steal my sunshine

Slow time