Love Paintings For Sale

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Love of all types—romantic, platonic, familial, etc.—has been the subject of countless visual, literary, musical, and even architectural works throughout history, and this singularly overpowering emotion will, no doubt, continue to inspire art for as long humans continue to create it. Representations of romantic love in paintings like Gustav Klimt’s The Kiss (1908-09) and Egon Schiele’s The Embrace (1917), as well as parental love paintings such as Rembandt van Rijn’s The Return of the Prodigal Son (1661-69) and Mary Cassatt’s numerous mother-and-child works have the amazing ability to emotionally impact people across all cultures and eras. If you’re a romantic at heart, we encourage you to explore the stunning international selection of original love paintings for sale on Saatchi Art today.


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