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Browse our wide-ranging selection of over 141 original Impressionism Body sculptures by artists working in a variety of mediums. Suitable for both the interior home and outdoor spaces, sculptures anchor a space and are available in numerous textures and colors.

Belisama Helder image

Belisama Helder

Sculpture16.5 W x 25.2 H x 5.1 in


Irma-Rose image


Sculpture10 W x 27 H x 8 in

Jackie Braitman

United States


shadow dancer image

shadow dancer

Sculpture21 W x 17 H x 8 in

Eric Camiel

United States


Katia image


Sculpture48 W x 60 H x 87 in

curt brill

United States


The Empiress image

The Empiress

Sculpture11 W x 18.5 H x 8.7 in

Stela Art



Torso serpentino ocre image

Torso serpentino ocre

Sculpture8 W x 12 H x 6 in

Hanneke Pereboom



Girl image


Sculpture3 W x 13 H x 3 in

Dreaming image


Sculpture10.5 W x 13 H x 6 in

Irina Lakshin

United States


Phaedra image


Sculpture13 W x 18.5 H x 5.9 in

Stela Art



"Mother Earth" image

"Mother Earth"

Sculpture19.7 W x 55.1 H x 19.7 in


Lady pink bowl image

Lady pink bowl

Sculpture5 W x 4 H x 1 in

Dianalola Gamerman

United States


Tiahuanaco, image


Sculpture7.1 W x 7.4 H x 3.9 in


Black Nikė image

Black Nikė

Sculpture7.9 W x 11.8 H x 3.9 in

Noque Ne 321 image

Noque Ne 321

Sculpture5.5 W x 16.5 H x 5.5 in


Venus image


Sculpture9.4 W x 6.3 H x 3.5 in

Anna Ro



The Victor image

The Victor

Sculpture6.3 W x 29.5 H x 3.9 in

Stela Art



Men image


Sculpture31.5 W x 68.9 H x 7.9 in


"Hands On" ø 22 cm high ca.12 cm image

"Hands On" ø 22 cm high ca.12 cm

Sculpture4.7 W x 8.7 H x 1.2 in

At the Ballet image

At the Ballet

Sculpture9.5 W x 10 H x 8 in

John Merchant

United States


Faiba Niozo image

Faiba Niozo

Sculpture30 W x 78 H x 30 in

curt brill

United States


torso amber glass image

torso amber glass

Sculpture3.5 W x 6.7 H x 2 in

Hanneke Pereboom



Unbalanced image


Sculpture10.2 W x 9.4 H x 2.4 in




Sculpture17 W x 31 H x 10 in


Sitting image


Sculpture7 W x 6 H x 6.5 in

Formica LIN

United States


Prints from $40

Dana image


Sculpture32 W x 48 H x 30 in

curt brill

United States


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